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"Eight is Enough"

Mike isn't thrilled when Molly gets into an 8-week writer's workshop out of state on the season 4 finale of Mike & Molly.

Not Her Old Self
"This Old Peggy"

When Mike investigates why Peggy's bathtub fell through her ceiling, he begins to worry on Mike & Molly.

Telling Mike
"Sex, Lies, and Helicopters"

Molly tries to decide whether to tell Mike when she sees Carl sneaking out of Victoria's room on Mike & Molly.

"Who's Afraid of J.C. Small?"

Molly gets to meet her literary hero after Mike and Carl pull her over for a D.U.I. on Mike & Molly.

"Mike's Manifold Destiny"

Mike is at a crossroads on this episode. He considers asking Carl for a loan.

"McMillan and Mom"

When Carl finds out his mother is ill, he and Sam head on a road trip to visit on Mike & Molly.

"The Dice Lady Cometh"

Molly hopes to win some extra cash when she and the girls go on a river casino cruise on Mike & Molly.

"Three Girls and an Urn"

Molly finds a new friend but it causes problems with her mother-in-law on Mike & Molly.

"Rich Man, Poor Girl"

The entire family wonders if Victoria's new man will be a keeper on Mike & Molly.

"Open Mike Night"

Molly encourages her friends to let Vince do their hair, until he does hers on Mike & Molly.

Mike & Molly Quotes

Molly: We've got the house all to ourselves. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Mike: Order pizza and make prank phone calls?
Molly: Yeah, baby!

I always go to Lethal Weapon. I'm Danny Glover and you're Mel Gibson with a thyroid problem.

Carl [to Mike]
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