True Blood Review: The First Cut Is the Deepest

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Chop Suey Sookie! This week's True Blood opened with a Kung Pow!  

"Gone, Gone, Gone" was great, great, great from the jump, where we saw Sookie deliver the true death to Mike Spencer with a side of white rice. Talk about "no more and then!" Sookie has been through so much this season, I was glad to see her assert herself like that. The whole wanting to suck her toes in the line at the bank thing was forgivable, but when Mike came knocking to make a withdraw from her femoral artery, our girl had to vehemently deny that transaction and deny it she did.

Jason, meanwhile, delivered one of his best episodes to date.

While speaking with Kristin Bauer van Straten earlier this week, she mentioned how Ryan Kwanten's amazing skill as an actor often is overlooked because of the comedic nature of his character, but tonight we got to see his full range. As usual, we were treated to a number of hilarious Stackhouse moments, too, though, such as he looked under the teddy bear's clothes while talking to Sookie or his comments in the professor's office - but his vulnerability was on full display any time it came to Hoyt.

Jessica Hamby Pic

"I love you Bubba? Followed by their road side encounter? Those have to be included on my list of emotional True Blood Season 5 scenes, alongside Eric releasing Pam.

One small issue I had with the glamouring by Jessica, though, was that I felt like she should not have blinked or broken eye contact with Hoyt. I know I'm nitpicking, but I just thought it would have served to make the scene that much more intense. 

What was probably anticipated by the show's makers as one of the episode's most intense moments - the destruction of Godric before Eric's eyes - didn't really shake me too much. Maybe it was because Lilith still seemed to only be a vision or hallucination produced by the ingesting of that blood; recall that Bill could not see her on the monitors.

Or maybe it was because of my faith in Godric and that he is too badass to let some vampire who prefers to cover herself in blood instead of blouses do him in like that. Can't a sister get a robe already? Not that I'm complaining. 

I am not sold on Lilith nor do I think Eric was either after his apparent awakening. It was interesting to hear Godric tell Nora how he had "evolved." Curious choice of words, considering Bill told Eric the same thing awhile back when his actions confounded the viking vamp. Bill certainly seemed to be under the spell of Lilith, though, didn't he?

Maybe it will take Jessica to wake him up, a la Short Round in The Temple of Doom when he had to burn Indiana Jones with the torch to wake him from the dark spell of Mola Ram. 

Russell, meanwhile, had no issues with turning his back on Lilith and the Authority, what with their education reform and book club taking up all their time instead of fun.

What a great scene that was as he flexed his three thousand year-old muscle and even let his German accent fly a little. What contrast to the earlier scenes he shared with Steve when they went out for "Greek." Those poor brothers at the Gamma Kappa Tau house... loved Katy Perry playing in the background, too. Speaking of being "Wide Awake," while Russell waxed on about day walking, Steve had himself a pretty stellar episode on his own, highlighted by the scene where he scolded Emma for being in her human form.

His asking her if she wanted Nigel to eat her made my list of best True Blood quotes from this week. 

There had been some speculation that Elijah was possibly Warlow, but that theory went down the drain when Tara took him out with Ginger's help. Speaking of Ginger, Pam should have turned her like yesterday, or at least given that woman a raise. She has been down town Julie Brown from day one when it has come to helping Pam out. I like Tara's resolve most of all, as did her maker from the look of it, as Pam once again gazed upon her progeny like a proud parent. 

Getting back to Russell and his plans to walk in the sun again: I found myself agreeing with Salome. Vampires are creatures of the night. Seeing them in a different medium would not sit well with this fang fan. Somethings are better left as they have always been, like the Smurfs. They just don't belong on the big screen walking amongst actual humans. Sorry, K. Perry.

Whoa there, now I feel like I've been sipping Lilith's blood. Moving on and looking forward, we didn't see anything from the werewolf population this week, so I am anticipating them having a big part in the remaining episodes. Lafayette finally made it through an hour without someone trying to sew his mouth shut or asking him to swallow a dead person's ghost, so that was nice. I also loved the bridesmaid walk he used on his way to serving Andy and Holly. 

What did everyone else think?


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I liked the episode, Tara girl ya know it ! Pam looked proud ! I loved when she said "we" don't need this place !
Jason and Hoyt...well yeah it was sad but really that was it. For me I mean, So long Hoyt ! It was looong overdue, c'mon ! Glad Jessica did it ! Nice performances though. Now I'm more concerned about Jessica. Bill dude, you lost it ! Bringing her in there, yup, ya gone !
Russell, well I was wondering when he'd snap ! But damn, that accent lol, sooo funny ! And I agree, vamps are creatures of the night ! But fairies, look out !
WTF, that coroner, how did he know about her blood? and who turned him?
And that Fairie, is she pregnant with the Sherriff's baby? loool, ouch...
Poor Godrick, wtf happened ! That blood is baaaaaad !!!! Wow ! So yeah, only 2 episodes left then, wonder how they're gonna wrap it up ...

C f ohara

@San I think they vamps much get exponentially stronger as time goes on. I don't think it is like a 10 year old and a twenty year old fighting a 30 yr old. That's my guess.


Like many here, I thought this episode was a good one... I'm STILL trying to figure out if Bill is pulling a long con or not. His scene with Jess made it sound like he had gone over to Lilith, but then there are other scenes like him watching Eric/Nora, him sharing "sookie's in trouble" glances with Eric, and other quiet moments when he just seems too...with really be under Lilith's spell. But, regardless of what the I think is in the show, if you listen to any of the talk from the show-runners, directors, actors, etc...they all pretty much are selling it like Bill has gone over to the dark side.




This episode had its ups and Downs but the best part for me was the moments between the Stackhouse siblings. Every season they just seem to pass each other. By but this season let their relationship shine as they try to solve their parents murder.


Im starting to think that Warlow is Sookies Father?


I found this episode to be rather dull. It didn't really hold my interest and I kept looking at the time. The scenes between Hoyt and Jason moved me a little but Jason brought it on himself. #1 rule of bro-code is to NEVER mess around with a girlfriend of ex. Also I like how Lafayette got his groove back. I really missed him. He always has the best lines. Sookie finding who killed her parents is a bore and so was the authority this week. Like Godric come on man do something! He could really have the power to fuck some shit up but he always just stands there. Grr so annoying! And between Salome and Eric they match up to Russell's age and with everyone else I'm pretty sure they could take him, so why did everyone just stand around? Definitely a filler episode.


I was wondering why Salome and Eric are not able to take Russel down together? I mean, Eric is 1000 years old and Salome should be about 2000 years old/strong. Add the other Authority members to that and they can be able to take down Russel. Or am I misunderstanding something here? I really wondered why Russel is so sure nobody can take him down.


I LOVED the glamouring scene. All three actors did a superb job and the writing/dialogue was very moving. It became one of the best scenes in the whole series for me. I teared up. Adored Jason last night, I wouldn't say it's his best episode to date (the episode where he took on Maryanne and became the God with Horns was his best IMO) but it is one of his best. And Kristin is spot-on about Ryan though his talent has always been obvious even throughout the comedy. His naunced take on Jason is so entertaining, from the comedy gold to the raw angst.


I want them to take the lilith thing as far as they can.....when eric saw godric the first time I was like f@ck, that's where they are going to go with this?!(eric trying to save them all) and an happily tiop see they are furthering the lilith plot. I'm sad about molly, I've loved her since "corina, corina" I want the vampires to take over, it will be awesome!

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