Army Wives Review: Saving The Best For Last

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Leading up this Season 6 finale, all signs pointed to Army Wives coming to an end.

Last week I not only thought the show was on its last legs, I was looking forward to it. Yet, somehow, "Onward" changed my opinion on both thoughts. Be still your beating hearts, you heard that right. If another season could be done as well as this episode, I would be behind it... let's say, 90%.

So this was a surprising week! I'll give you the full rundown of what changed my views at the end of the review, so let's start with a break down of the basics...

Kevin's Medical Breakthrough

I was shocked that the only thing Charlie thought of as Nicole was getting ready to deploy was "what about adoption?" She then had the nerve to go talk to Denise about asking Frank to change her orders. It seemed to me that she was more interested in having a child than she was in getting married to Nicole.

Luckily, it was also convenient for Penny to need parents to raise a baby she didn't want and for Charlie and Nicole to want a baby. Penny had no problem jumping into bed with a man during a one night stand, but had quite a big problem when it came to her Christian beliefs and allowing her child to be raised by a lesbian couple. Her immediate answer was no.

Enter Hector, who said the first thing I've agreed with since he came onto the show: "You can't judge them. What we did was against the bible!" Of course he had a lot more first hand experience with Nicole Galassini, but he's right. They are good women and would give a baby all the love in the world. It was nice to have a story with a happy ending.

Was it any surprise Kevin was as ornery as ever during his physical therapy? I was happy when he fell on the floor and off of the exercise equipment. I love that he finally got it; what it would take to walk again. He needed to understand it wasn't done with sheer will and anger. It was quite a sight to see the soldiers rally around him when he made his first attempts to stand on his own, especially since I'm sure J.R. Martinez, as Marty, wasn't the only American soldier in that room who had been through it all himself.

Elsewhere, Trevor wanted to deploy with his men rather than report to Fort Lewis, but when the orders came down, they were for him to make the move. That left a lot of others on base who were going to be merging with an air force base, but not until the 1st Brigade deployed to Afghanistan again.

Here is where Army Wives reeled me back in. Its ability to show soldiers deploying, saying goodbye to their families and realistically portraying the pressures and challenges those left behind has always been incredibly keen. The majority of "Onward" was about that future. David was living through the first deployment of his mother, and both he and Joan had to come to terms with it. Charlie watched her wife deploy for the first time as an Army Wife, and one with a child on the way.

The speech Kevin gave, after he successfully stood up in front of the troops to give it, was inspirational. It was beautiful to see everyone standing there, about to leave to serve their country again as their families stood to the side to support their decision to do so. If this were just any series finale, what happened next would not have happened at all.

The plan which held practically half of the cast - including Joan, Frank, Nicole and Hector - experienced some sort of difficulties and we closed out the hour with Michael answering a call to several Oh My Gods. Leaving us forever with a plane going down would be a horrible joke. So maybe this wasn't the end after all. On the other hand, the group hug at the end could have meant it was sort of a Sopranos conclusion.

The lives of soldiers and their families will always be filled with strife, and no matter where Lifetime decides to end the series, that will continue. After all, the hug had all of the main characters past and present. The missing Claudia Joy; Pamela who had moved on; Roxy who was on her way out of town; Denise and Roland. Perhaps the takeaway was to remember those friendships.

What are your thoughts, and would "Onward" work as a series finale or do you demand more? What do you think the odds are for a season seven? For now, thanks for reading along again this season! I've enjoyed your participation in the column very much. 


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I was not impressed with the finale last night...why would you leave us hanging like that? It was supposed to be the series finale and you decide to kill off half of the main characters? Seems so wrong to burst my bubble of hope that everyone will be coming home to their loved ones! Not to mention it was late on a Sunday night when I had to go to work the next day...consequentlly depressed and fretting and postponing sleep because I was in shock over the outcome! Thanks.


I see no way that the ending of this episode could result in something only monot occurring. General Holman looked like he was about to pass out. I don't see what could possibly cause that kind of reaction other than the plane with the entire 1st Brigade onboard - and to of the lead characters of the show - has crashed. The only question is were there any survivors. But I do agree that with so many of the original cast gone, including Claudia Joy (I think it is ridiculous that the AW producers have refused to answer any questions concerning Kim Delaney's absence from the, I really expected this episode to be the end. So the major cliffhanger was very puzzling. If the show isn't back now after that ending, it will be a real insult to its many loyal fans.


Bummer!!! Not a good ending for a show (or real life) if the characters you grow to know and relate to should have had a more glorius ending as they had suffered so much before. BOOOOOO


I think it will come back (i hope) as part of the combining of the army and air force. It will allow those who want to return to be able and those who dont wont have to. Sounds like contracts were up in the air, so make an ending that allows for some to return. If they do not come back, then shame on the writers to end it that way and leave the ever faithful who watched it to believe that all those soldiers meant to protect our country were just wasted away... Please be sure to include Nicole and her partner, as its about time the military was showing the real truth of women and men and finally not hiding...


Certainly not the ending I was expecting but I don't think I would care much for an Army Wives season without Claudia Joy, Pamela, Roxy and Trevor.


I don't want it to end... I have enjoyed Army Wives from the beginning and feel there is still room to have the show go on. I agree that it would be a cruel joke to leave the show the way they did. I also was confused in the commercial that said series finale and then the last night it said season finale. Please have there be a new season in 2013.


what a sadistic group of writers, directors, etc. The "ending" was not even worthy of all the good writing for the past 6 seasons.
How could you???


What has happened to Kim Delany? What has she not been on for weeks? IS this the end? If so I'm really angry that they left it like this with us believing that half the people we have grown to love were killed in a plane crash.


I'm hoping for another series. The way the show ended it has to pick up from there so we all know who was on the other end of the phone. If this was a series finale it would of said series but it said season so I'm hoping at least one more season. I love this show and last nights was extraordianry. Loved it.


The last episode was well done, but I was confused. Didn't they advertise this as the series finale? Why have a cliffhanger at the end? And why the series review only thru Roxy's eyes? She was not THE star, but only one of the group. Maybe they wanted to kill off the majority of the characters so they could spin off a new series with Roxy in Tacoma. Pretty disappointing as a series end, and not enough drama to make us come back next yr. I would have ended with th soldiers' landing in Afghanistan and going into battle--because that is the theme of the show. We all do our jobs to serve our country. The cliffhanger was just one too many crises to believe. I probably will not watch again.

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