Boardwalk Empire Review: Bid Adieu to 22

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As Boardwalk Empire Season 3 opened, most of the characters were busy preparing to usher in the new year - but there was just enough time for some last minute blood shed.  

In the first scene of "Resolution" we got our first glimpse of Bobby Cannavale's Gyp Rosetti and his quick temper. For such a well-heeled man, Gyp's skin seemed pretty thin, almost to the point of over doing it.

Nucky did not so much as blink when the aggressive Sicilian beat his chest before storming out of their kitchen nook conference call. Nucky seemed to have taken Jimmy's parting words to heart and showed us he is no half way gangster as he flippantly ordered Manny to put a bullet in Nate the thief's head. Some may argue, though, that unless he actually pulls the trigger, he will forever be a "shook one." 

Margaret and Nucky

Meanwhile, Jimmy's mother appears to have been a busy woman. People cope with empty nest syndrome in a variety of ways, but turning your ex-sugar-daddy's mansion into a brothel, I have a feeling, was a first. Thankfully for young Tommy's sake, Richard has been kept on and seems to have become the boy's attendant. I'm not sure why I was initially shocked when we learned Gillian has been telling Tommy she is his mother, especially after all the creepy mommy dearest stuff from last season.

As Richard ushered in the new year by showing Manny's brains the back door out, I initially figured he was on some sort of vendetta to wipe out those who did Jimmy and Angela in... but part of me wonders if Nucky is somehow pulling his strings now. 

Dean O'Banion might think Al Capone is Torrio's little puppet, but he might want to start setting aside some Calla Lily's for his own wife, so she has something to rest on his casket. The old scene where Al told Jimmy about his son being deaf was one of the most emotional moments in the show's history, so when the Chi-town florist made light of the poor boy's handicap I was shocked to see Al settle down so easily. He is one dog whose bite is certainly worse than his bark, and Van Alden or not, Dean will have his day soon enough. 

The premiere did well to remind us of most of the story lines from last season, be it the political aspect with Shooter McGavin (Harry Daugherty) or Margaret's infidelity with Owen Sleater. Throw on top of all that, this new storyline of Margaret's involvement in the hospital - along with Chalky White - and we have a recipe for amazing. I loved how Margaret didn't throw that young doctor under the bus for telling her about the lack of prenatal care at the hospital. 

Things seemed back to normal for the most part, however. Margaret continues to feel like a trapped bird wanting to fly, Nucky has himself a new mistress and the people of Atlantic City still kneel before his altar of booze and debauchery. I will be there along side them each week as well, as I feel we are in for a great ride this season. 

Let us know your thoughts and don't forget to rate your favorite Boardwalk Empire quotes from tonight. 


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Loved the season premiere for Empire Boardwalk

C f ohara

@alan I went back and watched the scene again on HBOGO and it looks like the Frank in the scene we are talking about is actually Franky Yale played by Joseph Riccobene. The closing credits confirmed for me that Riccobene was in the episode. Further refreshing reminded me that we have seen him before as the man who shot Colosimo. Gyp mentioned his little operation in Canarsie so which would also make sense for Yale and not Costello who was more known for his expoits in Harlem while Yale or Uale was a Brooklyn boy.


Definitely wasn't surprised to see Nucky has a new mistress. I can't believe Margaret feels she has to stay with Nucky. She's pretty strong willed, as proven by her giving that land away. Is she only staying because of the money and power? Is she that afraid of Nucky? I don't think I would be of the "pale faced breadstick" .......... VanAlden looks like a broken man going door to door selling irons. How can his face not be plastered everywhere after what he did? Jimmy's mother is one disturbed bitch. I hope we don't see her abusing that child......but I think it could be inevitable. I hope Richard intervenes and some how I think he will. Richard is definitely seeking revenge for Jimmy and Angela.

C f ohara

@Philip Manley, I think you meant to say Richard, but you are right, I'm sure part of Richard's motivation for going after Manny was to avenge Angela, but also don't forget how much he cared for Jimmy too. Jimmy gave him a new lease on life, was his only friend. @alan, nice pick up on Frank Costello during the meeting in the kitchen. That is most definitely the man seated next to Luciano that Gyp chastises. Given his history it would make sense that he would be in a meeting with his associates, Lucky, Lansky and Rothstein. I would expect to see Bugsy Siegel again soon.


Jimmy did not shoot Manny to avenge Jimmy. He shot him to avenge Angela.


i agree about richard shooting manny. seems like the only reasonable explanation as to nucky asking manny to do it personally and richard having somewhere to go. after all why would richard assume manny would be home rather than out on new years. question, when gyp refers to someone at the basement meeting, was that supposed to be frank costello?

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