Bones Promo: Don't Step in the Brain!

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Bones is back with a brand new episode next week. When a divorce lawyer is found dead, Brennan and Booth can't help but put their own strained relationship under the microscope. What they find isn't pretty.

"Good thing we're not married," Brennan says at one point. Ouch.

As we noted in our Bones season premiere review, last night's episode brought the dynamic duo back together, but going forward is when we'll really see what B-squared is made of. There will be obstacles.

Still, as Hodgins says in the teaser for next week, we're missed this. It's good to see B&B back on the case, bantering and bickering as they piece together the clues. You don't want to mess with the ANGRY FBI!

Check out Fox's promo for "The Partners in the Divorce" below:

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I Had not watched Bones until about a month ago on netflix WELL let me tell you I was hooked and I watche it every day until I had watched the complete 6 seasons and then got HULU and watched the 7th season, have also watched several episodes over and over, I love all the fun and serious combination in this show and my one hope is that Brennan and Booth stay together on the show, if they break up I probably will not watch any more like to hear if this is going to happen


Presenting yourself as 'FBI, ANGRY FBI' is to awesome

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