Bones Review: You Slept Under a Bridge?

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Bones and Booth investigated the death of a divorce lawyer this week. What a coincidence.

In the hands of lesser writers or actors, the obvious parallels between the murder investigation central to "The Partners in the Divorce" and the couple's personal turmoil would've quickly grown tiresome.

Thanks to the perennially terrific Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, though, it was anything but.

Down the Hole

Bones certainly hasn't shied away from challenging its two stars since the end of Season 6, has it? Ever since Brennan got pregnant, it's been a turbulent ride for its two leads, and for the fans who adore them.

Their relationship has been in overdrive since, and while the changing circumstances and obstacles altered things more than some would like, B&B haven't lost the spark that make them arguably TV's most dynamic duo.

With Brennan back home safe and sound after last Monday's season premiere, tonight's episode was self-contained in terms of the case's procedural elements, but anything but from a relationship standpoint.

The aftereffects of her months on the lam were palpable from the opening moments and throughout the night, as Booth struggled to reconnect with his partner in crime solving and life. Booth-Brennan interplay ran the gamut:

  • Awkwardness. Their initial attempts to kiss one another in the kitchen were nothing if not cringe-worthy, as were numerous other exchanges where lingering resentment manifested itself in ways they didn't understand (or at least didn't communicate). It takes a strong pair of actors to sell such nuance with dialogue or without.
  • Sadness. Hearing that she's glad they're not married and that perhaps she was more suited to life on her own - even on the run from the law - was a real stomach punch. Does she wish she were still out there? The disconnect runs far deeper than bickering over who makes breakfast or whether they go to the carousel.
  • Hilariousness. Booth's disbelief at Brennan's recounting of her various fugitive exploits was priceless, but his tirade punctuated by yelling "ANGRY FBI!" to the foreman at the construction site took the cake. A close second? Her likening an estranged couple's reconciliation to time travel, which is also "theoretically" possible.
  • Happiness. With the help of Sweets (as always), Brennan realized she's rebelling against the fact that her happiness is intertwined with Booth's, and he knows he's angrier about being ditched than he lets on. Once they stopped trying to be polite, they made progress. Plus, the look he shot her at the lab spoke volumes:
Booth's Look

Getting back on the same page emotionally isn't like flipping a switch, especially for people as inherently different as B-squared. As Angela said, three months changes a person ... even if a person isn't using an alias and a blonde wig, sleeping under a bridge and working as a fry cook in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania.

Don't worry, Booth, I can't picture that either.

This was, in a sense, the real Season 8 premiere, with Pelant gone (for now) and order restored at the Jeffersonian. Well, mostly. The tension between Booth and Brennan dominated the episode, however, so we're still a ways from any sort of equilibrium. How long will this go on? Will things start to settle down next week?

Brennan is, at her core, a fiercely-independent person whose trust issues are shaped by fear of abandonment and betrayal. Spending months on the run will only exacerbate these things, and as such, her behavior this week, while often over the top, was very much in character. The question is: How long will it continue?

More importantly, will Sweets pack heat for a third consecutive episode, will we see Hodgins' and Angela's baby again and what squintern will be front and center? Burning questions to tide us over until next Monday.

Some particularly memorable Bones quotes from this evening:

  • "Congratulations Mr. Abernathy, you have successfully recreated the death of Wile E. Coyote." - Brennan
  • "That's the secret seal of the Priory of Sion!" "Or a mark left by a fountain pen." - Hodgins/Angela
  • "We can take Christine to the carousel, even though I know the outcome." - Brennan to Booth
  • "We don't normally kiss in front of people, but we had a disagreement." - Brennan to Finn
  • "To be fair, 2000 was a questionable year for Merlot." - Sweets

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I get the feeling that all the hate comments on Brennan are from a single, decidedly pathetic individual who does not understand either character at all. Brennan has come a long way since the first episodes, but she is not by any means "normal". She simply doesn't understand why she should take Christine to a carousel when she knows for a fact that Christine does not enjoy it. She is incapable of understanding the hurt this will cause Booth. She is also not undermining Booth as the crime scene; she is using her new knowledge to try and help assess the situation. And, if you recall, Booth does the same thing to her while giving the tech team instructions, so by your definition, Booth is being a "bitch" as well. Not to mention the fact that he was being deliberately hurtful at the construction site, in a way that I have never seen Booth act towards her. It was NOT just Brennan acting badly. As to the comment that says that Brennan wasn't really alone because she had Max, it's ridiculous. Brennan loves Booth, whether the haters want to believe it or not. Yes, Booth was in agony when he lost his family. But his problem is that he failed to recognize the pain that Brennan was in, knowing she was causing Booth pain and not being able to see him. I believe the main issue between them now is not that Booth can't get those three months back, but that they are both threatened by the changes in their partner. Booth is used to the socially awkward, all-scientist Bones he knows and loves, but what he got back was a completely different person. Brennan is street smart, more in tune with the real world, and less focused on her job (obviously). The same goes for Booth. Brennan remembers Booth as a man of action who hates science, but Booth has been a "desk jockey" for three months and has displayed a newfound interest in science. The two of them are overlapping each other's territories and it threatens them because they have to face questions about who they are.


things they don't mean, make comments they shouldn't, treat each other badly? Even though they love each other? What makes Booth and Brennan's future hopeful is that they are willing to work through conflict;Booth is not going to "dump" Brennan. Brennan by saying she's going to do "irrational" things to prove her love and Booth by willing to confront issues shows they both are changing for the better. By returning to the carousel this time with Booth, even though Brennan thinks she knows Christine's reaction is the first step-with both her parents there the outcome will be a positive one!


While I understand the need for Booth and Brennan to address their issues a lesser man would have told Brennan to shove it and go be on her own if she loves it so much. After 55 minutes of angst, it was resolved by Brennan going to Sweets, whom she does not respect, and a cute little scene at the end is supposed to temporarily resolve the situation. What crap, the men of Bones are completely emasculated, the strong independent woman of Bones dont need them except, of course, for their sperm. ugh,


Jackies let me spell it out to you. Sometimes people who love each other and who are in serious relationships, whether they be married, have a child together, etc. can be mean to each other! Especially when hurt feelings/ resentments are internalized and not resolved. In Booth and Brennan's case this is exactly what happened. Even though Booth "understands" why Brennan took Christine and went on the run, he's angry but he hasn't expressed this to her. Brennan is so used to being independent that she continues to make decisions without "consulting" or even including Booth; she knows this is "wrong", but doesn't understand her actions which makes her deny them, causing her to lash out and say she's a "free agent". I think she just meant that she is choosing to be with Booth, but that he has no legal hold on her even though he is the father of her child. But remember, she said this when she finally lost her temper with Booth. Tell me, what couple do you know who doesn't sometimes say things out of anger, who makes comments they shouldn't have, who does things they regret? Even though they love each other? What makes Booth and Brennan's future hopeful/realistic is that they want to work through the ups and downs relationships go through, not break up when faced with conflict.Brennan doesn't want to be "polite" she wants to face problems head on. Which is a change for Booth who tends to "wait until things work out". So, maybe Brennan was being a little bitchy, but that doesn't make her a "cold hearted biatch"-she does love Booth and said she'll start doing irrational things to prove it. When things get tough Booth is not just going to "dump" her. By returning to the carousel so Booth can be there with Christine even though she thinks she knows the outcome shows Brennan is willing to change. Booth being there just may affect Christine's reaction to the carousel because both her parents are there with her!


@andrea oh and the most vile of Brennan being a bitch, treating him like dirt was her telling Booth she could do it alone and they were free agents. FREE AGENTS. The man she shares a home with. Has a child with. What. A. First. Class. Biatch.


@andrea Oh so Brennan taking over the crime scene, belittling Booth's FBI ability, wanting to take Christine to a museum without Booth, making out that Christine wouldn't care if he was at the Carousel....wasn't treating Booth like dirt? Ok. My. Bad.


All the Sweet haters here I love you. Hart Hanson has no respect for the FBI when he keeps insisting that Sweets is now an Agent. He has no clue what and how one becomes one, does he? Idiot


Brennan didn't even go on the lam alone. She had MAX for pity sake. She was a total bitch to Booth. She treated him like dirt. That being a father to Christine only happens on her terms. I would dump her sorry ass. Go find someone better with a heart. With compassion

Steve marsi

Appreciate the corrections on those quotes everyone ...


Great show with the Brennan/Booth ups and downs, like the viewers are on an amusement park ride. The fact that the writers are still able to do that to us after so many years shows just how talented they and the cast are. Ok, so Brennan can be cold, that's the way she's always been but now it's nice to watch as she struggles to be a "better person" with Sweets help. Brennan and Booth are opposites and a very unlikely pair but watching them struggle to make it work is a great show.

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