Candice Accola Interview: A Future for Klaroline?

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One love interest is considered dead and the other is a mass murderer.

It won't be easy to be Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

In a new interview with The CW, Candice Accola teases her character's upcoming journey, which begins with Caroline on the run and in the dark: she believes Tyler is dead and gone.

What will happen if - or when, based on these Vampire Diaries premiere pics - she finds out the truth, that Klaus has taken over Tyler's body? A long conversation will be afoot, as Accola jokes about here:

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Klaroline WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Deal with that. Caroline will always love Tyler.


my thought is--damon had 3 seasons worth of eps to redeem himself for elena. he killed lexi, look what he did to matt's sister and caroline season 1. i will give klaus the same opportunity. new character hayley will give caroline a run for her money and klaus the opportunity to have more scenes with her. i'm tired of the mass murderer bit too. are we forgetting stefan?? the ripper who puts klaus to shame in the body count and the way he kills too? i love them all don't get me wrong but its a little like throwing stones in a glass house with all the negative reasons to hate klaus.


Sounds like the same crap as last season. Another love triangle of some sort. Is this all that the writers can come up with!?!? I'm not even looking forward to this season. I don't even know or care when the first episode is this season.


The idea of caroline and klaus being together is so intriguing and very addictive. However, i do feel as though we should wait and let tyler and caroline's relationship flesh out and run its course. So that way, caroline can grow into a more independent female vampire and be stronger mentally and physically. Klaus should wait his turn and let caroline truly fall for him, instead of tyring to force it Take your time Julie Plec. Oh and we get it, klaus is evil and has done terrible things, but that doesn't mean he his capable of redemption and doing even better things. Thier (FUTURE) relationship has the potential to be something special.

David and sabrina 2014

That would suck if Caroline's wolf boyfriend died out throughout the season but maybe she'll eventually find out that Tyler is possessed by Klaus. I can't wait for season 4. =]


I love Candice Accola! She keeps it real...just like Caroline on the show. I enjoy Klaroline because it reminds me of book DE, because even though the guy is bad, there is something that pulls the girl towards him, and he would never hurt her. @kittycat, I actually like the fact that Candice keeps on reminding the viewers about the little thing that Klaus IS - a murderer, because she is reminding the audience that even tho Klaus can be nice, he has killed more in his life than done goof to anyone. Because otherwise its like saying well he gets a free pass because he is hot or because he can be nice. I am not saying that this is what you implied in your comment, just saying in general. Otherwise you get another psychopathic following like a percentage of the DE fanbase.


"Klaus has done horrible things" ?? He sure has,what with all the talking and monologue doing hes done.At this point hes a regular David letterman.


I love Candice but she didn't need to point out the mass murderer thing AGAIN. she says that in almost every single interview. Klaus has done horrible things but that's not all he is. he doesn't deserve to be reduced to that.
can't wait to hear what joseph has to say about klaroline. :)




even mass murderers need love. especially sexy, british, well-spoken men like joseph morgan. full klaroline supporter. they're much more interesting

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