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Nothing like some 19th century dentristry to start things off!

As it turns out, the dentist is actually this week's victim. Or one of them. The policeman follows shortly thereafter in what seems like an open and shut case of arsenic in the fruitcake, hence this episode's title, "Arsenic and Old Cake".

Corcoran Gets a Warning

I'm glad to see that particular police officer gone, but the crime this week didn't really hold my attention. It was an episode in the spirit of Law & Order, which Copper has done well, but tonight the mystery was a little bland, no pun intended. I did chuckle a bit at the fact that the murder weapon, the fruitcake, was re-gifted until it finally landed in the dentist's office.

I was much more focused on the other stories. Jasper took to the ring against Irish Jake in the match that Marcus set up and rigged. This just solidified my dislike of Marcus even more, but clearly Jasper had no intentions of throwing the match.

But the most troubling plot to me is Annie and her discontent with Mrs. Haverford. Unlike the rest of Copper, which aims for a semblance of accuracy, Annie seems to be entirely a figment of the writers' imaginations at this point.

In last week's episode, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but this week she is so much worse. There's a lot that could be said about what children do or don't do in response to trauma, but Annie was so affected tonight as to be completely unbelievable. Until her "father" showed up, which was pretty heartbreaking. That was a unique bit of cruelty on Elizabeth's part, but clearly she didn't know what she was getting Annie into. 

What did you think of "Arsenic and Old Cake?"


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continued....Summer's story was horrible and heartbreaking.. I will never forget it!!! I have wondered in Annie was not inspired by Summer..


I also think Annie portrayal is quite accurate. She was severely sexually abused when she was young and she also no stable support system of any sort. Severe cases like that, can produce a aggressively hyper-sexualized child/adult. It becomes deeply, deeply ingrained that sex is only thing that makes them worthy of affection and love. Oddly, sex ( or in reality sexual abuse) in the only thing that has ever given the sense that they had power or even security. Reminds me of the Diane Sawyer interview a few years back with a 11 year sexual abuse victim named Summer. Summer had been sexually abused and neglected as a child ( even though bio mom denied it- other siblings confirm Summer's report) Summer was placed in a stable and loving "forever" home, but could not seem to stop he self from inappropriately touching other children and any man. She also was constantly making false accusation of further sexual abuse. Eventually, the family had to put her back into the foster system to protect themselves. It was horrible. It made a big impression on me....and I have wondered if Maggie was not inspired by Summer.


★★★★☆TV Andrew O'Brien " He got his desserts tho." Awesome scene them bringing in Detective Francis on the case. @ R Dizzle - Sons of Anarchy - BSOAT @ J. ty4 The nice read. @ Lindsey Kempton - John Reilly is likely to be Annie's husband not father. Reference episode 2 Husbands and Fathers.


This show has turned out to be a complete waste of time. This rich witch plot line is not plausable as a love interest and impossible to watch. I hate Corky for even looking at Elizabeth. Dude, she's ugly and a wimp. And what's with tossing her up against the wall for a first kiss? The only decent thing Elizabeth has done is get rid of that little shrieking punk kid. Will someone please backhand her! The rommance scenes are consistently awful as were the fight scenes. Jasper is getting tagged by roundhouse after roundhouse for 40+ rounds but is on the verge of winning when he gets KO'd by a cheap shot from the ref? None of it looked real. The camera work is so by the numbers. The cake caper I guess was supposed to be ammusing in an O'Henry kind of way but the writing and dialogue are terrible. Does anyone in this thing have any personality? This is turning into another Sons Of Anarchy where I can't stand any of the characters. Time to toss in the towel on this loser. You know it's a fiasco when the best thing about it turns out to be the hats worn by the actors. I'm out. Adios Boyo.


I agree with everything u said. Sometimes it hard to see a child in such a role that has been proved thru out history. As well as today, sometime we forget the past, and do not realize that it is still happen today. Just in other country, who have children fighting their wars, as well as selling children even here in the state in the sex market. Althought it might not be as obvious as it was back in the day. But it is in other country, u should watch children for sell. It's about how parents in China sell their children in the black market so they do not have to pay taxes for the extra child, as well as they give up their girls over their boys because they still hold them in the higher regard.


Continued... (comment cut b/c of character count): Unless you've studied this era, you might, based on your own life experiences with modern children, have difficulty with such a harsh portrayal. Is it realistic? It seems incredibly so. At least to me.


Continued... Additionally, as a child trapped in adult roles -- with a "daddy" husband and as a street prostitute -- she obviously sees Elizabeth as competition for Corcoran's attention. I think the problem that you're having is that you continue to see Annie as only a child when, especially in the time period portrayed, many children behaved and were expected to think more as adults. Children worked in factories and sold themselves for food. Children Annie's age were also often orphaned and money earners for younger siblings after their parents or relatives died. These are not children with the benefits of modern compassion, parenting, therapy, social welfare, et cetera. Think about how Corky first met Annie... sleeping in a stable ready to pleasure anyone who gave her the littlest bit of any notice. So, again, I don't see Annie as portrayed as anything but believable. Suspension of disbelief in television requires that the viewer believe what is being portrayed. Unless you've studied this era, you might, based on your own life experiences with modern children, have difficulty with such a harsh portrayal. Is it realistic? It seems incredibly so. At least to me.


Like last time, I have to disagree with your assessment of Annie as an unbelievable character. I think Annie is portrayed believably for the time period and her experiences. She's being cared for the by the wife of the man who molested and killed her sister and, according to Matthew Freeman, raped the corpse. Her anger and even hatred of Elizabeth is believable. Annie is intelligent enough to know that Elizabeth has taken Annie in as a way to deal with her own guilt... even it it's true she's also trying to make Annie's life better. There's no way to know what Annie might be thinking. Perhaps she feels that Elizabeth as an adult female "role model" should have known about what her her own husband, Winfred, was up to with children... or maybe she believes that Elizabeth did know and that Elizabeth's philanthropic efforts with the orphanage in 5 points was a way to allay guilt?

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Copper Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Elizabeth: I only hope that a priest of her own faith will be able to reach her soul in a way that I cannot.
Priest: Do not fret Mrs. Haverford, no child is beyond redemption.

Corcoran: What's the word? How many dead bodies hanging about this morning?
Francis: One.
Corcoran: One? This keeps up and we'll be out of a job.