Fall TV Preview: Female Superhero Showdown!

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Summer may have been all about John Carter (sort of) and The Avengers (definitely).

But with the fall television season officially underway this week, it's time to turn our attention to the female superheroes of the small screen. The months ahead will feature a number of women who stare down villains, protect those they love - and aren't afraid to kick a little ass along the way.

Check out our list of returning favorites below and then make your choice for TV's top female heroine. 


Emily Thorne (Revenge): Emily Thorne is on a mission. She uses her devious mind and martial arts training to take down the elite power brokers who imprisoned and murdered her father. For all of us who daydream of a little Revenge in our own lives, this bad girl of the Hamptons is our hero.

Kate Beckett (Castle): With her mother's unsolved murder hanging over her, Kate Beckett became the youngest female detective in the NYPD.  Over a decade later, this kick ass homicide detective gets justice for other victims... but when it comes to her mom's case, she's been shot and almost thrown off a rooftop, but is she any closer to the truth? Maybe this superwoman needs her plucky sidekick with her full time to solve this case.

Kate Beckett's Ready

Kona Kalakaua (Hawaii Five-0): A former surfer-turned-cop, martial arts expert and sharp shooter, we expect a lot from Kona... and she delivers. Now she just needs to survive her latest predicament so she can continue to fight crime with Five-0.

Temperance Brennan (Bones): Brennan is the top anthropologist in her field and a best-selling author. She has also been known to take down a bad guy with her bare hands on occasion. Will being a new mom change her super hero focus? Or just make her more powerful?

Nikita (Nikita): First she was the bad girl turned assassin. Then she was the assassin gone rogue. Now Nikita has her own killer team trying to right the wrongs of Division's past. How do you not love it when bad girl makes good?

Alicia Florek (The Good Wife): What do you do when your husband is sent to jail for corruption and humiliates you publicly with a prostitution sex scandal.  If you're Alicia Florek, you hold your head high, pick yourself up and start over. After bowing out of the workforce to raise her kids, Alicia started from the bottom to revive her career as an attorney and set an example for her kids. That's what being a hero is all about.

Ziva David (NCIS): Ziva may very well be the most dangerous member of her NCIS team. A former Mossad agent and trained assassin, Ziva will do whatever is necessary to protect her adopted country, her team, or those she loves.

Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time): Former bail bondswoman and current Sheriff of Storybrooke, Emma knows how to take care of her self. Add to it she recently saved her son,  broke a curse and is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and how could you not consider Emma a hero in Storybrooke?

Emma Is Stunning

Olivia Pope (Scandal): If you need to keep a secret under wraps or squash the consequences once it's come out, Olivia Pope is your girl. Former communications director to the White House, Olivia uses her powers to help her clients keep scandals at bay. When you're in crisis, you'll want Olivia Pope as your hero.

Olivia Dunham (Fringe): How many people can say they've fought evil in an alternate universe? Olivia's fight for the future may be coming to an end as Fringe heads into its fifth and final season but our respect for this superhero knows no end.

Now it's your turn. Did we leave anyone out? Let us know. Pick your favorite from the list below and tell us why she deserves the title of fall's top female superhero.

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Olivia Dunham, only female lead on sensible shoes, and sensible clothing. Olivia Dunham, the blonde version until midseason 3, the red version in season 4,
Blonde Olivia in season 4 was to much used to serve the men, but her catching bullets was cool. Anna Torv is by far the most believable female action hero, she truly knows how to play action scenes and how to use a gun.


Emma swan fought a dragon for pity's sake! None of the others can say that. Represent!


Nikita is the best fighter, it's not even a competition as far as I see it.


Kate Beckett hands down!! Smart, caring, stunningly beautiful, self confident and not afraid to put herself on the line for her friends. Always respectful of the victim and ready to go the extra mile to see the case solved. Great sexy understated sense of humour . No contest


KateBeckett without a doubt... if you saw las night's premiere then you'll know what I mean! She was amazing throughout the entire ep, but moreso when she confronted the senator... it was an "Emmy Performance. Outstanding!


Nikita for me. She's not only a complete badass who's fighting the save the world, but also kind, compassionate and a great leader and friend. She fights to protect her friends, who are like family to her, at any cost. She's also a complex character who does have some flaws, like her low self-esteem, fear of the evil inside her and tendency to try to control everything and make everyone's decisions for them, so she comes off as human and realistic. Maggie Q does a fantastic job with not only the action, but also the heart and emotion of Nikita's character.


My goodness, it HAS to be Olivia Dunham! She helped save not one, but TWO universes!


Voted. Quite a number of good choices.


Kate Beckett and Emily Thorne are good choices, but how could you not pick Emma Swan?


Ziva gets my vote always - she is one special ninja !

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