Fringe Season Premiere: 7 Teases!

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The beginning of the end kicks off on Friday, as Fringe Season 5 gets underway with "Transilience Thought Unifier Model 11."

What do we know about the premiere? It will take place in 2036 and, as evidenced by these Fringe photos, it will focus on the search for Olivia.

What else do we know? Having screened the opener, I can give away the following scoops, tidbits and spoilers. Read on at your own risk...

Fringe Final Season Poster
  • The location of Olivia isn't as vital to the mythology as what she has in her possession.
  • Breakfast in the future is anything but tasty. (Hint: it involves "egg sticks.")
  • There's a reason why Peter and Olivia are not wearing wedding bands in 2036.
  • An Observer will take drastic action in regard to Walter and his mental state.
  • The requirements for the Observers to live will drop the average human life span by a significant amount. (Hint: 23 will be considered middle age.)
  • Ed Markham will make an appearance.
  • We'll learn why the Observers took out the planet and we'll be treated to a showdown right away between them and the Fringe team.

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Nice to know that Olivia is still in the series, they could have fooled me. Lets hope that this season Olivia will be more than the object and victim and girlfiend, that she will be active and pro-active again. Not too much faith as Wyman only wants to write for John Noble, and does not realize that that is the reason Fringe has lost so many viewers. Anna Torv is just as deserving , or more IMO, of an Emmy nom, but where other tv-series care for the entire cast,
Fringe and everyone on Fringe needs to work for John- needing his Emmy-Noble,
(he really showed himself in his tweets BTW, pathetic)


Eek!!! Cannot wait!!! People need to reall watch EVERY ep live! Screw going out and whatever! Show FOX that fringe is the most under appreciated show on TV.

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Peter: Olivia, I want you to meet Etta. Kiddo, come meet your mom.
Etta: Hi mama!

Etta: It's an egg stick.
Walter: What a miserable future.