Gabby Douglas to Cameo on The Vampire Diaries

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Gabby Douglas is about to flip, tumble and leap her way in to Mystic Falls.

The Gold Medal-winning gymnast will stop by the set of The Vampire Diaries today and evidently shoot at least one scene, according to Nina Dobrev and a recent Tweet from the star.

"@gabrielledoug is coming to The Vampire Diaries set tomorrow! Cant wait to meet and work with you girl! Dont forget to bring your bling!" the actress wrote yesterday.

After learning the Olympic champion was a big fan, The Vampire Diaries cast released a congratulatory video in her honor this summer. Watch it again now and let the theories fly: Who could she portray?

UPDATE: Douglas will cameo on the November 29 installment.

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She'll probably be casted as Bonnie's distant cousin who will die in the middle of a plot filling spell.


well this is so sweet of them!


Am I the only one who finds it completely ridiculous that half the comments here are centered around Gabby's race? She's the first American to win both the individual and team Olympic gymnastic gold in the same year and she's mentioned the Vampire Diaries as her favorite TV show. That should be more than enough to earn her a brief cameo on the show. She's also way cuter than most of the athletes who do cameos; even if she can't act, I can't imagine it being worse than the hour of Phelps that I had to endure on SNL..

David and sabrina 2014

That's so cool to create this video for her and I can't wait for season 4 to come. =)


Yes, they had Ashanti but she actually came on when her music was starting to dip in sales, and in fact she was on during her hiatus from music and at the time was focusing on her acting career, that is different than what TVD is doing with Gabby. Gabby's situation is more like what Gossip Girl did with Nastia Lukin who was a big fan of GG when she was popular athlete at the time. Nastia had one line and got insulted by Blair, and was gone. Unless Gabby has some form of acting experience it bit gimmicky for them just to create a role for non-actor just because they are a fan of the show. Other than meeting the cast, Gabby has not express wanting to be actor so I am bit annoyed they would stunt cast like this. I also think JP is trying to use Gabby as her look a "black person likes my show so it can not possibly have the racist undertones, people have been accusing me of".


didnt BTVS have ashanti on for an episode, back when she was at her peak in popularity?


That was super cool of the cast to create this video for Gabby.


Are you sure she making a cameo because she could just be getting a set visit, like Kelly Clarkson did. Also again other than playing herself, or be a background character (because it all she can do), are really going into GG territory bringing celebs in, cause while it works for GG, to me it would be gimmicky and distracting (and let's be honest TVD needs to cut it out with the guest stars and clean their house properly and work on fixing the storyline crapiness). I mean as much as BTVS pop referenced in every episode, I would not want to see any popular athlete or celeb make an appearance because they publicly like the show and JP trying prove she can do diversity. Can Gabby even act? BTW I do think that video jinx her from getting medaled in her individual events.


I dont care who she plays.....But I bet borednow will have some interesting "Jessie Ventura" type theories

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