Glee Performance Video: "Celebrity Skin"

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Sam in a suit? Brittany in glasses?

Oh, yes, Gleeks, prepare for a major "Makeover" this Thursday.

While a bulk of the attention leading into this week's episode has focused on Sarah Jessica Parker's debut, viewers should also expect the election at William McKinley to take center stage, as Brittany and Sam morph into political version of themselves and belt out a version of Hole's "Celebrity Skin."

Watch the performance in its entirety now, and then visit our Glee music section soon after the episode airs to download it off iTunes:

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I just posted a comment on one of the other glee previews. I mentioned that I love Sam! He looks good in anything and does NOT NEED A MAKEOVER... ANYWHERE!!!


Dear Glee, Stop ruining songs I like. Thanks for nothing, Rachael

Glee Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Artie: I mean, it's no secret that a woman loves a man in power, and don't take this personally, but before I graduate I would like to have a relationship that lasts longer than a couple weeks.
Brittany: Why would I take that personally?
Artie: You and I dated.
Brittany: We did?

[to Kurt] No, you should dream. You should dream very, very big and then you should work incredibly hard and make sure you do everything in your power to make it happen.