Glee Review: A Change Will Do You Good

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Well, Glee, that was better than last week, probably because it wasn't a tribute episode. But it wasn't great. It did serve as a nice set-up for upcoming story lines, I guess, so there's that.

If I'm being honest, and that's what I'm here to be, I found myself incredibly underwhelmed with almost everything except the last 10 minutes of "Makeover." I was happy to see the focus shift to the old school club members, but tonight not even the Glee music was very fun.

Advice from Emma

So much of the high school story felt like reheated leftovers, but I was happy to see attention return to our old cast members instead of the new class.

Watching Blaine struggle with feeling left behind by Kurt when he gave up his life to move to McKinley was one of the highlights because it felt the most real. I get it. Kurt's in New York and living this new, exciting life and Blaine is back home in Ohio living Kurt's old life at a school he didn't even attend before meeting Kurt with friends who weren't his.

There are bound to be issues. Jealousy, anger, abandonment, sadness. I felt bad for the guy, honestly. Blaine is one of the characters I've come to care about the most. 

I don't like that Blaine and Kurt's relationship appears to be on the rocks. The set-up for their issues is essentially the same as Brittany and Santana's except we got to see Kurt actively avoid Blaine in favor of his new life. Tonight proved to me that of all the couples on Glee, this is the one I care about the most.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Kurt's mentor, Isabelle Wright, was nice. The character is just quirky enough to fit in on Glee. The idea that Kurt could pursue fashion instead of music is an intriguing one, and at least one of them has to change majors, right? Or maybe he'll find a way to go after both. (Isabelle's advice to Kurt can be found on the Glee quotes page!)

Tonight, for the first time, the Brody-Rachel relationship felt slightly less forced. Just a little. Don't get me wrong, Brody's coming on incredibly strong in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense, but here I believed that Rachel was seeing herself in a new light for the first time. That was the point of the "makeover," right? To help her view herself in a new way? I'd say it worked, and it allowed me to see what Brody's seeing in her. The Finn-spotting at the end of the episode did leave me eager for next week.

What didn't work?

Any of the musical numbers. Seriously. While the vocals on "The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" were great, the mash-up was bizarre. The same goes for the arrangement of "A Change Would Do You Good." That's not a sexy song, and it's not a loud rock anthem either.

Will becoming so bored with his life that he's applying to join a Blue Ribbon panel and will leave McKinley if accepted. Unless, of course, Jesse St. James takes over the glee club, in which case, apply away, Will Schuester.

I can't even be bothered to care about the elections, really. They're a pointless attempt to make it seem like life at McKinley is typical, high school life, and I know we've rehashed all the ways it's not realistic before. There were plenty of other ways to show that Blaine is unhappy now that Kurt is in New York.

Overall, I was only sort of impressed tonight. I enjoyed the show, but I always enjoy it. It's an hour of escape from reality. But I want to love it, week after week.

What about you? Do you think more change could do Glee some good?


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Finchel. Ok, well, I come from a family where women wait for their husbands and loved ones to come home from serving the country. I get that Rachel's make-over made her feel more confident but the way she just point-blank told the shower dude (sorry, I refuse to call this "character" by him name, hotness is not a quality) "I want to cook dinner for" made me wanna slap her. One thing is to have dinner with a guy friend, another is to make it look like she was about to ask him to be with her for the rest of her life...Come on, Rachel, that is not you, because JUST 2 EPISODES AGO you made it clear you still love Finn. Look, I am just so sick and tired of tv shows where the moment there is a rough patch in a relationship everyone calls quits because they are just to lazy to try and make it work. People, that is life! Nothing is ever going to be perfect or simple or happy, yes, Finchel's relationship was having difficulties, but does that mean they stopped loving each other? And I don;t even wanna talk about how Rachel and the shower dude ALREADY kissed! And now like in every soap opera we end on Finn showing up to surprise Rachel... I love it how everyone is saying "Oh, but he has been MIA" and Rachel is so unhappy and Rachel is this and that....what about looking at this issue from Finn's side? What if all this time he was still deciding on what to do with his life? What if he understood army life was not for him? What if something happened that made him go to NY and see Rachel I am guessing right away? its gonna be sad when these two break up next week, cos lets face it they are. Shower dude's fans can rejoice, but the sad truth is, he might like her, but he still does not know what and who Rachel is beyond those new clothes she got. And Finn knows and loves the real her. Thats the difference.


Now onto little Mrs.Shrimmer. Look, I am glad she got a make-over (finally), but in my opinion it should have happened in new Rachel already. I enjoyed SJP on Glee because I felt like she fits Glee, like a glove. Also the scenes where Rachel was getting a make-over, I felt like I was watching "The Devil Sings Prada". Cute & nice. So about the couples, first of all, I get that Kurt and Blaine's relationship is supposed to get difficult because of the long distance, however I don't like it that they are making Kurt just ignore Blaine and his life. Because taking into account that just 2 episodes ago Kurt was still so much about the Lima life, and Blaine, its weird that all of a sudden two episodes later he acts like this.


This episode was disappointing. Last 2 episodes were good. The music was bland and uninteresting (contrast last week with a great rendition of 3 from Tina, Joe and Sam) The storyline directions were not believeable - esp Kurt gets a great job at Vogue with no experience and also the Sarah Jessica Parker character was totally unrealistic - its a very competitive field and you have to be extremely competent to get where she is and she seemed completely clueless. Would like to see some Quinn and Mercedes and also more of Tina. Blaine's a really strong character and I feel he should get more time and solos


I fully agree with the reviewer of this episode, ok -but not great, and Glee can do better, like even s2 was not that bad. I agree, the songs were terrible again, I did not like that the whole election theme was treated like whatever, and just like Sue fell down on her hands the moment Artie started speaking abd EVERY word that came out of his mouth was the usual bullshit jiberish that modern politicians use in their campaign...ugh...But I did like how Glee managed to perfectly outline one thing - most of the time people that go into politics either have no idea what they are doing (Brittany) or they get into politics because they are doing it for someone (Blaine). So the whole election thing was absurd but realistic at least. Thank God there were no new kids singing songs this week, and I caught myself thinking, I don't care what happens in the choir room anymore...and I feel bad that Tina's character is forgotten about AGAIN.


@chien - thy originally planned a spin off for Rachel, Finn, and Kurt but then they trashed the idea. Not sure if Ryan Murphy decided against it or the actors but that was the original plan.


I agree with 3 out of 5 and I love glee. I liked last epi much better. I've never liked Finn, so I'm totally okay with Brochel. Why is everyone surprised? Finn hasn't contacted her for months after telling her to live her own life-they are not in a current relationship. I love Brittney, but this epi seemed a little much for me too. I hate how the longer the show goes, the dumber they make her. She didn't start out dumb-she was emotionally intelligent. I miss that. And I miss Santana. I actually like them focusing on different people throughout different episodes. I was so, so tired Finn, Rachel and Kurt ALL the time. More than the older kids, I miss the background dynamic. The new kids aren't there to have fun and play a few scenes. They are just there to work


I really liked SJP in this. The rest is drama for the birds and IMO it is just a soap opera for young people. Blaine's song was very nice. the rest was not. Ryan Murphy thrives off of the fandom writhing in pain through these type of episodes. To me Special Education was funnier and more interesting than this. To break up its couples in a one big swoop of an episode, tearful, sad, unfulfilling for most if not all couples is morose and over the top drama. I just don't have a handle on this season yet. Or care to really, the soap opera is quite dull. I'm not feeling any love or care for McKinley much. Too much overload of Brittany, for my preference. Sad for Blaine.


vampirelover08 wrote: "Did anyone else find it weird that Finn knew where Rachel was living?" Um no. Remember that Finn's Mom married Kurt's Dad. I"m sure Kurt would have told his father where he was living.




im sure im not the only who thinks this way, and i probably wont be the first or the last to mention it, but why not just spin the new yorkers into a spin-off instead? honestly,i understand that since the show is called glee, it HAS to focus on the glee club IN mckinley, but this juggling around two sides is beginning to get annoying. i think it would be entirely possible to spin-off the new yorkers to a new series that is more mature and serious; bringing the story-lines there back down to earth, based more in reality than the crazy place that is mckinley; the stories there are already heading that way anyway. on the other hand, glee always has it's fun crazy moments, so keeping that would be good as well. in juggling both sides of the story, the stories from mckinley seem so irrelevant and utterly ridiculous. fluffy and light and fun, but completely pointless. people watch glee for the fun factor, but over the course of the series, i think people have grown to care more for the characters, and in seeing the graduated characters being juggled like that, it just doesnt seem fair at all. so i say, spilt it up! good stories for the new yorkers, good fun for 'glee'!

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