Glee Review: A Change Will Do You Good

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Well, Glee, that was better than last week, probably because it wasn't a tribute episode. But it wasn't great. It did serve as a nice set-up for upcoming story lines, I guess, so there's that.

If I'm being honest, and that's what I'm here to be, I found myself incredibly underwhelmed with almost everything except the last 10 minutes of "Makeover." I was happy to see the focus shift to the old school club members, but tonight not even the Glee music was very fun.

Advice from Emma

So much of the high school story felt like reheated leftovers, but I was happy to see attention return to our old cast members instead of the new class.

Watching Blaine struggle with feeling left behind by Kurt when he gave up his life to move to McKinley was one of the highlights because it felt the most real. I get it. Kurt's in New York and living this new, exciting life and Blaine is back home in Ohio living Kurt's old life at a school he didn't even attend before meeting Kurt with friends who weren't his.

There are bound to be issues. Jealousy, anger, abandonment, sadness. I felt bad for the guy, honestly. Blaine is one of the characters I've come to care about the most. 

I don't like that Blaine and Kurt's relationship appears to be on the rocks. The set-up for their issues is essentially the same as Brittany and Santana's except we got to see Kurt actively avoid Blaine in favor of his new life. Tonight proved to me that of all the couples on Glee, this is the one I care about the most.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Kurt's mentor, Isabelle Wright, was nice. The character is just quirky enough to fit in on Glee. The idea that Kurt could pursue fashion instead of music is an intriguing one, and at least one of them has to change majors, right? Or maybe he'll find a way to go after both. (Isabelle's advice to Kurt can be found on the Glee quotes page!)

Tonight, for the first time, the Brody-Rachel relationship felt slightly less forced. Just a little. Don't get me wrong, Brody's coming on incredibly strong in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense, but here I believed that Rachel was seeing herself in a new light for the first time. That was the point of the "makeover," right? To help her view herself in a new way? I'd say it worked, and it allowed me to see what Brody's seeing in her. The Finn-spotting at the end of the episode did leave me eager for next week.

What didn't work?

Any of the musical numbers. Seriously. While the vocals on "The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" were great, the mash-up was bizarre. The same goes for the arrangement of "A Change Would Do You Good." That's not a sexy song, and it's not a loud rock anthem either.

Will becoming so bored with his life that he's applying to join a Blue Ribbon panel and will leave McKinley if accepted. Unless, of course, Jesse St. James takes over the glee club, in which case, apply away, Will Schuester.

I can't even be bothered to care about the elections, really. They're a pointless attempt to make it seem like life at McKinley is typical, high school life, and I know we've rehashed all the ways it's not realistic before. There were plenty of other ways to show that Blaine is unhappy now that Kurt is in New York.

Overall, I was only sort of impressed tonight. I enjoyed the show, but I always enjoy it. It's an hour of escape from reality. But I want to love it, week after week.

What about you? Do you think more change could do Glee some good?


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I'm hoping that Finn and Rachel do not break u . OR BLAINE and Kurt either


So it sucks for Finn but that's the way it is sadly in a lot of relationships. I am just anxious to see his reaction in the next episode. This episode would've been a 2 out of 5 but thanks to the last 20 mins. of the episode, it easily brought it up to 4 out of 5 stars. I can't wait for next weeks episode.


This episode was a solid 4 out of 5. The episode lacked so much in the beginning. It started off pretty slow and there were so many wasted scenes like the whole election stuff. Where it really got interesting is when Kurt ignored Blaine, most of us know that Kurt is for once happy with his life and he just had to put Blaine to the side for a bit. Blaine did take it too seriously I mean this is his big day as well but did he have to throw it mental fit? I really don't like where this is going, and hopefully things will work out but by looking at the preview for the next episode, there will be tension. Okay on to what everyone is waiting for!! The Rachel/Brody/Finn love triangle. Okay first I got to say WHAT THE F*CK Rachel.... Your boyfriend is in the Army and while he is away you get down with Brody? It makes me angry but on a down to earth level. It's understandable that Rachel would fall for Brody all a sudden, the dude is way too hot haha (I'm straight but I have to admit that) So it sucks for Finn but that's the way it is sadly in a lot of relationships. I am just anxious to see his reaction in the next episode. This episode would've been a 2 out of 5 but thanks to the last 20 mins. of the episode, it easily brought it up to 4 out of 5 stars. I can't wait for next weeks episode.


Everybody on glee has talent and its so funny. My friends make fun of me for watching glee and they have never even seen how good it is. So they don't know what their talking about!! I'M A GLEEK AND I'M PROUD!!!!!


I'm actually kinda glad Kurt didn't get into NYADA.I can't really imagine his face when he saw Cassie July. I think he should of just went to work at Vougue especially because isabelle is so nice to him. He should of just went to any college in NY that had a performing program so he could still stay with Rachel as a roommate. And I love how in one of the episodes Blaine says he would be in NY too in a year. I just hate how they are in a little bump in the road right now...


Ryan Murphy has made his intentions clear this season. Destroy virtually every established relationship and then try to build new ones. He doesn't care that many fans may have actually enjoyed watching those relationships. Rachel and Finn-done. Blaine and Kurt - done. Brittany and Santana - kaput. And even hints that Will and Emma may be in trouble. Murphy's "scorched earth" policy is actually kind of depressing. I'm starting to have a hard time coming up with a reason why I should still watch this show.


and i just notice... brittany and blaine relationship problems/dramas with their partners are same/similar?(lack of time) Was the writer cant come up new and different ideas???


y always blaine wins? he's the new rachel then now the new president? TOO MUCH BLAINE!! booooo


Having been a magazine editor, I can tell you that he's extremely lucky to have landed the first job he went after, especially with no professional editorial experience. And finally, I think Brody is screamin' hot, and his chemistry with Rachel sizzles, so I think that she should dump Finn, who is old news, and do the dirty hula with that hot senior guy...yummy. I think Brody is better for her than Finn, because he isn't connected to her old life in Ohio. And I think it would be great if Mr Shue went away for awhile and left the Glee club to Gwyneth Paltrow! She ROCKS! Or Ricky Martin! Or, and this is just a wish, what about Hugh Jackman? He's been angling to get on Glee for a long time...he'd make a great substitute teacher!


Did anyone else find it weird that Finn knew where Rachel was living? The only way Finn would know where Rachel lived is if Kurt told him which means Kurt has been talking to him and lied to Rachel about it.

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