Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "High Infidelity"

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A photo gallery from the second episode of Gossip Girl's sixth and final season has been released. Here's your first look at "High Infidelity," airing October 15, 2012 and prominently featuring new faces Sage and Steven.

Sofia Black-D’Elia plays Sage, who's apparently taken quite an interest in Nate, and Barry Watson guest stars as Steven, Serena's latest love interest. Additional plot details will be posted as they become available.

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S and Her New Man
The New Girls
Dan on Gossip Girl
S in a Gown
Nate and Serena Pic
Nate and Sage
Nate and Sage
Serena and Steven
Sage on Gossip Girl
D and G
Serena, Nate Picture
B-Dubs Photo
S in a Gown

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I am asking the writers from the bottom of my heart..... PLEASE LET BLAIR AND CHUCK GET ENGAGED!!! I love this show and it would mean a lot to all us chair fans to finally have chuck and blair together and STAY like that.


where is chuck? i wanna see him.He is the only character left that i care about.


We have to consider that one off the new people probaly is working with Gossip Girl?


Ahhhh I don't want this show to end :( It will be seriously depressing and if Blair and Chuck are not end game, seriously disappointing.

Ava mila

The new girl is acutually really cute. I like seeing her with Nate although she seems way too young for him.
And Blair wearing a headband wooohoo..good old times.


i hope blair and chuck don't engage in those relationship games they always have, emotionally abusive relationships aren't fun to watch.


sorry i have so many thoughts and hopes for this season and having to wait even longer is driving me crazy still have 2 more weeks i hope one of the many out comes that i have thought of comes true i would be happy with anything almost just no dan and blair i have always been a chuck and blair fan and now that i have watched all the season over again back to back even more and the way they act together with their chemistry just makes you want to vote for them


i think it would be pretty cool it blair and chuck end up working with each other blair helping at t he hotels with planning parties and publicity and then chuck wanting to start a mens fashion line with waldorf designs because they both make each other powerful and no one wants to go up against them


one thing that i hope happens with the serise coming to an end is chuck and blair standing in front of BART BASS and showing that he is powerful but even more with blair since not only once but twice he has scared chuck away from blair the end of season one and five THEY SHOULD RUB IT IN HIS FACE im also really curious this whole thing with IVY we have seen pics with her and serena dad and we now know she is also hooking up with dan dad CRAZY!! I REALLY hope that this season is AMAZING especially since they are only giving us 10 episodes cant wait for it to start but sad at the same time :(

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