Gossip Girl Review: Taking What's Yours

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Our Gossip Girl gang is growing up. Not necessarily maturing, but growing up.

Their transition into adulthood is a major theme of this sixth and final season, and tonight saw the five core characters - Dan, Serena, Nate, Blair and Chuck - establish what they want to achieve as individuals.

While last Monday's premiere brought the group back together again after the Season 5 finale scattered them, "High Infidelity" was an episode that set the stage for the remainder of the CW series.

For these aspiring publishers, writers, businessmen and women, the obstacles are formidable and the stakes higher than ever, both personally and professionally. Let's break it down by character:

D and G

Dan is finding it more challenging than expected to release his hard-hitting Inside sequel. Plenty of people would run it, but not in the way he feels would deliver the maximum, destructive impact.

With his sketchy literary agent in tow - Georgina is the highlight of Season 6 so far, whether she's watching him sleep or offering snarky commentary - the sometimes-bitter Muppet encountered resistance.

Save for one unlikely ally. Nate may be portrayed unflatteringly in Dan's book (unless he's Mr. Irrelevant a second time), but the head of the struggling Spectator sees this as a literary marriage of convenience.

He needs a major story to save the publication. Dan won't compromise by running his serialized UES expose unless it appears verbatim. Thus, Date came to a mutually beneficial agreement.

It seems a little too perfect at this point. What happens when the first chapter gets published and the Spectator faces the inevitable blowback? How far is Nate willing to go to keep it in business?

Moreover, if everyone easily linked the pseudonyms of Inside to the real-life Upper East Siders he dragged through the mud, what does Hard Luck Humphrey have to say that's SO shocking now?

He's determined to make a name for himself on his terms, in any case, which is essentially Nate's goal as well. Whether either achieves it, and how long this tenuous pact lasts, are open questions.

Serena and Nate both assumed their new significant others were cheating - with each other - but predictably, there was more to it. Steven being Sage's father was still unexpected, however.

A sibling or cousin, we could see, but father and daughter? Neither Nate or Serena saw that coming, and just as surprisingly, both relationships ended the episode intact following the reveal.

He's really okay with Nate dating his 17-year-old daughter? Hey, there are worse guys out there ... unless there are unrevealed ulterior motives involved with Serena and Nate's new loves.

Nate and Sage

Clearly Sage has no problem lying, and things seem a little too perfect now. Like Serena's bid to take Manhattan as a respectable and responsible adult, the jury is still out on these two.

Blair's road to fashion glory and stepping out of Eleanor's shadow hit a roadblock thanks to two blasts from the past: maligned former Constance classmate Nelly Yuki and faux-cialite Ponzi schemer Poppy Lifton.

Being Queen B only gets you so far once you get out of high school, the younger Waldorf learned, as the bridges she burned came back to haunt her. Not sure we buy Nelly as a WWD reporter, but whatever.

Having crashed and burned, B gave her staff a 10-day ultimatum, with the future of her company and future with the love of her life riding on Waldorf Designs' success hanging in the balance ... somehow.

The whole together-but-apart bit feels a bit overblown and forced with lines like this. Chair can't get married if Waldorf Designs isn't massively successful or Bass Industries isn't returned to Chuck's control?

Kind of a stretch, but they're wholly committed to this idea for the time being.

Like his possibly future wife, Chuck is determined to become his own person and just the scion of a famous businessperson. In his case, though, this entails declaring a full-on, above-board war on Bart.

He pressed his dad, his dad aggressively pressed back, and the younger Bass made his intentions clear. He also pressed Amira, only after which did he receive a clue. Who is the person in that photo?

Hopefully this plot line picks up steam in the coming weeks, along with the others. With only eight weeks left in Gossip Girl's run, there's not much more time to waste. Let's get to it, right?

A few stray observations on tonight's episode before turning it over to you:

  • MEGA SPOILER ALERT: This Gossip Girl finale photo surfaced today.
  • Barry Watson (Steven) is 38 and Sofia Black D'Elia (Sage) is 20.
  • "No one in high school reads Gossip Girl anymore." Or watches it?
  • Handsome Vacant would be a great Secret Service code name.
  • Who doesn't get turned on by D saying "raw" and "hard"?
  • Were Rufus and Ivy in bed this whole time?
  • Nate watches Millionaire Matchmaker?

So, that brings us up to date. Did all of this make you more excited for the conclusion? Or is the show just running out the clock at this point? Sound off with on all things "High Infidelity" below!


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I'm 90% sure that Dan is GG !!
And for real, this season sucks. It's all about that sucky new girl. chuck is plotting against his dad but none of it it's shown. No C/B romance, Blair dresses as a 50 year old lady, Serena doesn't smile anymore. It's like there's only 7 episodes left and its all about this Sage chick. They are probably gonna make it better by the 9th episode.
Come on !!!!!!! This whole season should be redone !!


I agree with most of the things you said. Dan definitely has his share of faults, but so does the rest of the cast. And for the fans who say that Dan blames everything on others, well so do the other characters. Blair blames Serena for most of her issues (Serena gets away with everything, jealous of her since she has Dan, etc). And when she's not blaming Serena, she blames Dorota or Chuck or Dan or her minions for not being up to par with her level of immature schemings. Chuck blames his dad for ruining him since childhood. Serena used to blame Blair or Dan or her mother for different issues, but she's actually growing up now and refuses to be dragged back to high school drama. Nate is the only one with some sort of moral compass, but his heart and friend down there tend to point him in the wrong direction. Point is: EVERYONE in this show is self-obsessed, annoying and manipulative. That's what GG is about. So, people who judge Dan, please get off your high horses. Your favorite characters (Blair and Chuck most likely) are some of the most vile people ever. At least Dan never traded someone for a hotel. Or cheated on their fiance who happened to be an honest decent guy.


I feel like GG is going a bit downhill right now.. They need something BIG, something that will keep the tempo up.


Dan the douche. Every time he speaks I think the writers are mocking the naysayers. He says the same crap they say and it is all hypocritical and judgy


this episode was so lame.Blair acting like still in high school.


unless Serena held a damn gun to head to make him do her on the bar, I don't see how Dan cheating is all on Serena but I guess is you think like Dan does, he never he owns up to his on responsibility in bad decisions. While you may not think Dan's perfect, Dan does, hence my issues.
I think he played on a emotionally unstable Blair because he has Knight in shining armor complex. same thing he got for Serena. He shouldn't had jump into a relationship with her while she was still married and after hearing her declaration of undying love for Chuck because those two extremes should have been an sign, Blair was not ready to be in serious relationship.
As for the call of summer, he keeps bitching about her not calling him. How can a conversation happen if he won't pick up calls it was like Serena gripe at Chuck and Nate over not texting her even though she apparently was ignoring her mother's texts all summer. Communication is a two way street.


I am so thrilled with the pictures all over twitter especially the purported 5 year jump. I love the fact that so many loyal fans were rewarded for sticking around even when the show lost its spark. Truly looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes and seeing Chair and Derena come to fruition :) Will miss the good, the bad and the ugly that made up Gossip Girl xoxo


I'm not sure if some of you want to know this, but the amount of filming pics posted on the Internet (specially Twitter) between yesterday and today show that we have 2 weddings in the season finale (with a 5 year appart difference) and that the 2 pairing with more followers in this fandom are going to get their endgame.


I never said that I thought that Dan was perfect as clearly there is evidence to the contrary. I agree that the comment re Jenny is too little too late, however surely that is the fault of the writers not to address it before. I can understand him not talking to Blair. Why on earth should he? She made her choice and went running to Chuck without having the decency to end it cleanly first. And him cheating on her? I think Serena was the driving force behind that and Dan reacted to his hurt from Blair's actions. Neither girl has a similar excuse. I don't see him as playing with Blair's head - he was being her friend and she herself told him Chuck no longer had her heart. I am only pointing out that for as much as he has done some questionable things they still pale into comparison to the stuff the others have done in their time and yet they are so easily forgiven by everyone. I am just interested in where his story takes him.


Blair and Chuck are the best people from GG they've both grown, accomplished, and hit rock bottom many many times but they've moved forward. And have been there for everyone. and they both have only done what have for love .i really hope they end up together they deserve it! Georgina needs to get lost. What the hell is she doing she is irrelevant to GG. And Dan is so miserable with his lonesome self that he wants to "ruin" everyone with his "book" he needs to get his mind out of high school and grow up just like everyone except of course Serena dating an older man because of her daddy issues. Oh and lily is a gold digging whore I cannot stand her!

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