Gossip Girl Rumor Confirmed: Rufus Totally Sleeping With ...

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Rufus is definitely sleeping with ... someone not named Lily on Gossip Girl.

Someone significantly younger than him, and someone we've met before.

We saw glimpses of her in the Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer (below) and had pretty much figured out who Rufus' mystery paramour is. Now TV Line's Michael Ausiello confirms it in his column today:

Asked who it is and why it's scandalous, he writes: "Well, there’s the age difference. There’s also ... did I mention the big age difference? She’s a relatively new character. Name rhymes with, 'Bye, V!'"

On the plus side, recent set photos indicate some hope for Rufly ... but wow. Rufus getting it on with Ivy Dickens? The woman who kicked him out of his apartment? And masqueraded as his estranged wife's niece?

Sure, the raspy voice is hot. But we're guessing this isn't gonna go over well.

How do you think the UES will react? And will he and Lily reconcile?

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Rufus has always deserved better. Lilly is just an evil bitch, and though Ivy isn't exactly the best character or appropriate to be dating, it beats being with someone like Lilly.


Go Rufus! ;)


Id he is going out with a younger girl...then why not Vanessa :P ?? (Vufus baby)


Soap Opera..




Who would thought Ivy likes vintage style?hahaha. Between Rufus and William I'd choose Rufus too I don't know why. Although w/William 'I'll get my money back!'(read in raspy voice).


At least Ivy's getting a storyline, what's Nate doing xD Stupid writers

Elise of the upper east side

it's gross b/c ivy's so young, she was lily's niece for awhile (til they found out she wasn't) and she had a thing with Dan, Rufus' son. EW just so wrong and gross, but again, that's not surprising with this show :P


Poor Rufus. Blonde weakness, huh? But why not? He must be suffering 'cos his so called wife choose money and Bart over him. Though personally I think if he wanna revenge, he would take Serena. That would be real scandal!


Rufus is old enough to be her dad.

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