Gossip Girl Spoiler Pics: Hope For Rufly?

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Is Rufly down for the count on Gossip Girl? Maybe not yet.

The latest batch of photos from the show's NYC set shows the estranged couple in a much better place than when we last left them in May ... or where they appear to be in the Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer.

It looks very much like Rufus sleeps with someone we know.

Maybe they'll get through it, though. Lily is married to Bart, after all, so is it even considered cheating if Rufus and she-who-must-not-be-named hook up? Bizarre, yes, but not necessarily cheating.

Anyway, sound off on whether you think Rufly will make it!


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no one cares


i dont think so. i believe they totally destroyed everything from rufly to begin new by them. they brought lily and bart back without sense. and they made rufus with ivy. that is the sense from the writers. i can only see it so, that rufly will go through hell and then they will get this reunion but not before they suffered very much.


They are helping Chuck regain control and only appear to be apart to get what they want.


i think they could or will reunite in 6.09 or the finale.


Yeah, I think you are right! Good idea, with the parallels to season 1 :)
I wish Rufly will reunite very soon!
Rufly = endgame!!!
They are soulmates and have to be together!


aww my rufly:-)))i think they are friends in this scene again but with feelings. it couild be a parallel to season 1. there they had feelings too. but they hide it because it was wrong and both were not free. the same situation we have again here.

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