Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Dark Night Redux?

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Is there hope that Dan and Serena, one of the core couples of Gossip Girl Season 1 and 2, could be together once again by the end of the coming sixth and final season of the CW series this fall?

It's all very unclear, but consider this:

We've already seen pictures of them on a motorcycle, which conjured up images of their first date, and TV Line reports today that the producers are planning a callback to Season 2's epic episode “The Dark Night.”

We can expect to find Dan and Serena trapped in an elevator together again. In "The Dark Night," they parted ways after the doors opened (below). Will an elevator bring them back together in Season 6?

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Should Serena end up with Dan on Gossip Girl?

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@mia and @amy i think you two are the only ones to have seen the show without any prejudice...:)


Lets all be honest with ourselves, there have hardly been any scene pictures taken of blake lively and chace crawford together apart from one that didn't seem all that promising for serenate fans, and yeah you could argue and say that GG could do a jump in time where we would see them together, but to me that would be completely dissatisfying if they don't have any scenes together that could possibly hint at them! For me it looks like they'll either bring back dan and serena, or not and then possibly hint at them in a future jump that's the only person I can see Serena ending up with that would make any sense.


I just don't get it--Dan and Serena don't make sense to me anymore. I know we liked them in season 1, but after that there wasn't much good. They both treated each other badly and the way Dan treated her for most of the season I don't see why or how she could have any feelings for him. Additionally, Dan sucks! I hope she ends up with Nate or someone else, but not Dan. I think that ship sailed a long time ago and all the back and forth just made want them together even less.


ugh, okay bored now...


@JuneBass Nate and serena's 'prohibited' relationship was never there in s1 it was unrequited in every single way. Nate loved serena in s1 and serena clearly didn't feel the same because she fell in love with dan within a matter of episodes. If Nate and Serena were given more romantic story lines together then maybe I could understand where you were coming from, but they had a relationship in s3 that ended in s3 because of her feelings for Dan and after that its been Dan and Serena and no hint of Nate and Serena. Like @drag said its only fair to the story line that they end up together in the end :)


Naaaa they were cute in season one a very cute couple of high school sweethearts but what caught my atention from the very first episode was Serenate they are more sassy, exciting to watch they just match besides Nate and Serena´s prohibited relationship was what set the whole story in motion so it makes all the sense in the world that ends up with them too.


i think it is only fair to the storyline that these two end up together...more episodes have been about them than any other...and need i remind all the dan haters that he is the only person who has been there for serena the whole time...nate left serena when she was drugged...the only person who stood up for her was dan....


it really should be serena and nate. lonely boy can be with georgina.


@ Amy, every honor to you, well you showed why Dan and Serena should be together in the end! I thought only I still root for Serena and Dan, but I'm glad that is so many of us! Greetings to all fans of Serena and Dan! @ Fanny, the series is based on the book, but the series is not a copy of the story that is in the book. It should be clear to you as Dan in the book was an able to be with Serena. And in the series the love between Serena and Dan was what started the whole story - Serena and Dan are the modern Romeo and Juliet of NYC!


I hate to say this because at this point I don't even like the characters anymore but dan and serena ending up toghether would make sense. the writers said the show was built around the love story of these two..

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