Hart of Dixie Season Premiere Pics: Falling to Pieces

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Are you ready for Zoegate, Hart of Dixie viewers?

As teased in the first official promo for new episodes, the love triangle between Zoe, Wade and George will go public this fall, as all of Bluebell learns of the (handsome!) decision facing its most beautiful doctor.

Who will she choose? That answer isn't revealed in the just-released photos from "I Fall to Pieces." But we do see Zoe receiving some counsel from a bedridden Lavon, while also confronting Lemon and seemingly helping her deal with a health issue.

Hart of Dixie Season 2 kicks off in under a month. Click through images from the opener below...

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Premiere Pic
Lavon Hayes Photograph
Wade Kinsella Smile
Zoe & Lemon
Wade in a Tanktop
Lavon in Bed
Rivals No More?
Lemon Reacts

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Don't think that is going to happen because Lalia is obessed with Porter/Zoey...BORING.


me too!!! Wade and zoe!!


Lol, me too! I'm not going to lie though - I read the spoilers for episode two of this upcoming season (you can be linked from the HOD wiki page) and Wade asks George to be his wingman :/ ...which would hint toward Zoe not choosing either of them by the end of episode one. I'm just... ahhh... I want the show to move forward... so we can start to see some deeper storylines develop and the relationship between 'Zade' kick off. I'm keen to know what's going on with Wade's father and storylines I haven't even thought about but it'd be good to see Zade face those things and grow together. My fear this season is we're going to be stuck with characters doing the same old stuff in a slightly new way (if that makes sense...). I love light-hearted but a balance between the gray bits that really do happen in life would make the show even more enjoyable.


meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. love them


WADE and ZOE!!!! I've never been so excited to see them together! Who's with me!?

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