Hart of Dixie Review: Choices, Cake Knives and Fresh Starts

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"I Fall to Pieces" opened right where Hart of Dixie Season 1 left off. The next morning, to be exact. The last thing we saw was that Zoe and Wade had finally consummated their relationship and George ended his engagement with Lemon in the most dramatic way possible. 

When Zoe awoke the next day, she saw a sleeping Wade Kinsella and George calling her cell phone. Zoe was definitely conflicted and so she went straight to the person who had been her best friend in Bluebell, Lavon. Obviously not having changed, Lavon laughed at the fact Zoe had slept with Wade, while most of us were saying, "finally!"

Rivals No More?

For most of the opening season I adored Wade and all of his immaturity - but here I can tell you that I definitely did not. I have always wanted Wade and Zoe to be together but after the way he acted, I'm not so sure I feel that way anymore. I guess in a positive light I look forward to watching Wade grow up a bit this season and maybe then I'll change my mind back.

For now, though, I can't say I don't enjoy the "friends with benefits" thing they have going on right now. 

Then there was the charming and adorable George, who was very open with his feelings about Zoe in the sweetest way. It was so adorable that it had me thinking that George definitely needed to slow down. Thank goodness Zoe came to that same conclusion at the end of the episode. I completely agree that George needs to date around because Zoe deserves to be more than a rebound. 

One thing that I absolutely loved about this episode was the introduction of the newest character, Ruby. Her first comment was about Zoe's shoes and as a fellow fangirl I can definitely agree that Zoe has the best footwear in Bluebell. It was at that moment I knew I'd like Ruby. I hope we continue to see more of a friendship between Ruby and Zoe because she needs a good "girlfriend."

Another thing I enjoyed about Ruby was her past relationship with Lavon; I assume since she'll be staying around we will be getting more of their story. 

Let me take a moment to talk about Lemon Breeland. We've only known her as George's fiancé and the crazy lady in Bluebell. Now that she is going to start redefining herself, I will stand by my season one theory that she will be one of the characters that will grow the most in this series. Some of that growth happened tonight and I loved it!

She sat down with Zoe and, even though drugged, she was able to listen to Zoe and take her advice. Lemon said she'll hate her for as long as she lives but can we all agree that their is a small possibility those two will be friends in the future? 

I didn't care too much about the "hostage" situation that had the whole small town of Bluebell anxiously waiting outside Zoe's house.

Overall, this was a pretty decent season premiere. They've seemed to change the tone of the show to funnier and much lighter than season one, so far, and I'm glad. I think a tone change needed to be done. I can't wait to see how the rest of this season plays out! 


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LULU... Iam not in love with the character Wade but will say this Bethel is the BEST this show has to offer. Yeah, Lalia turn his character into a JERK because Porter couldn't perform his job - Lalia had to help him out. So maybe it's you who are in love with the character George and like 10% of his supports are trying to relive the days of FNL. Why do you think the rating are down this week - people are pissed/tried of Lalia and her bias crap when it comes to Porter.


This whole "200 character limit" thing is ridiculous, nor will it stop me. Ahem. So... as I was saying about Wade, it made perfect sense. He knows if he acts possessively, he won't hang on to Zoe for long. He was also perfectly willing to step up and compete with George, literally, when it looked like he might gain some advantage from defending Zoe. His retreat is superficial, obviously, and meanwhile he's doing everything in his power to keep Zoe interested and provoked!


The character of Lemon is played by a wonderful actress who can add many other dimensions if given the chance. I hope the writers do take Lemon on a totally new journey this season--who knows where she might end up?! I don't find her annoying at all. She's able to be silly and make sense at the same time, thanks to the actress and writers. And finally, I love Lavon! He's adorable. He's the moral center, the grounding of the whole show. It will be wonderful to see him in more "leading man" storylines of his own. As soon as the Lemon/Lavon thing was revealed, I loved the idea of them being together. On the other hand, I started to think he had real potential with Tancy too. Is that how you spell her name? They have a certain chemistry, and maybe it started in that scene where they were bonding over their need to forget the people who just weren't that into them...


I think half the people who comment here are in love with a tv character (named Wade) and as a result the brains have been scrambled. The show is awesome. Even though it's supposed to be over-the-top and silly at times, when it comes to the serious parts of the plot/romance, everyone's actions make sense. I was very pleased that Zoe took the "be honest" advice, since it was the only way to move forward out of the uncomfortable situation she was in at the end of season 1. She was right to press pause with George so as not to be his rebound. He didn't want to marry Lemon, and Zoe was the excuse that helped him see it, but he needs time to figure out what he does want. Maybe it's not Zoe, maybe it is... we'll wait and see. Meanwhile, Wade's actions made perfect sense. He knew Zoe's behavior changed in the middle of their little tryst, though at first he didn't know the reason. But once he figured out that George left Lemon at the altar and was the visitor at the door, it made perfect sense for him to throw up his "walls" and pretend not to be serious about Zoe, even as he's trying his damndest to keep her interested and provoked! He was also perfectly willing to compete with George when he thought Zoe might actually be in danger. He's just retreating on the surface, because he knows he's not going to hold on to Zoe by acting possessively while George is doing the same thing.


Iam not liking Ruby either and I though I would - no magic between the two but, I don't see any magic between Levone and Lemon. The only pairing the show got RIGHT was Zoey and Wade and if they PART I won't be watching it anymore. To be honest I don't know how long the show is going to last...the show has no MEAT.


Porter has NOT done a good job here and it really show. I think he is the show's WEAK link and one of the reason why the show is not as SUCCESSFUL as it should be. I even noticed the critics aren't commenting as much about the show as they once did. I don't understand this obession with him and/or his appeal. Maybe people are trying to relive the days of FNL... What was is now gone. I watch the show because of Bethel -I think he has done an OUTSTANDING job in betraying Wade. Iam not a fan of Bilson but OMG he make her look good, but, to watch her in a scene with Porter is just down right painful - no disrepect to either of the two. Where is SHELLY?


Unlike quite a few people here, I enjoyed the episode tremendously. I was dreading the conclusion of the situation, but it was fun and felt in keeping with the characters. I didn't find Wade's reaction annoying, I thought it was logical that the thought that Zoe would go for golden boy Georges and tried to shield himself as best as he could. I don't think that the character is ready to open up about big feelings and whatever, so while his reaction isn't the most mature, I kind of expected it. Him making a big love delcaration would have been out of character in my opinion. Of course I hope that they will make him more mature in the future, but I didn't see it happening in 1 night.
And I love their new "relationship" for now. I loved Lemon's reaction, her will to be brave, and I've come to really care for that character despite her annoying traits, I look forward to her evolution! Plus I think her being a waitress would make for very entertaining moments. Lavon is the best BFF a girl can dream of... and his ex-girlfriends seems to be a lovely addition to the show, with her history with a couple of characters! It's still the lighthearted show that makes me smile, and that's why I love it.


Elle 542- But this is not a love triangle it's more like a pathelic joke - not even laughable. I just hate what their during to Bethel/Wade all becausse Porter/George can't get his SHIT together. Love, Love watching him -he is the most interesting character on that show and I hate that he is playing second to George/Porter.


Yeah, I was not impressed with that episode. It should have been judgement day for Zoey and George and their inappropriate behavior over the last several months. Instead they make it about Wade immaturity - I think the writers are too bias here. I also think they're trying to devalue Zoey and Wade by overdosing you with their SEX time. At this point Iam only watching the show to support Bethel...I think he an AMAZING actor...the best this network has seen in a long time. I wish him much much much success. We love you BETHEL.


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