Hart of Dixie

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Hart of dixie
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I am a strong and confident woman Wade. And I know that from the fact that I have had sex with no less than four other men, okay, none of who have complained that I am in great in bed. GREAT! Just like I am at everything else I do. I don't have anything to prove to you! You got that?


I mean I still hate and I'll hate you until your dying day


You may be a snobby New Yorker with horrible fashion sense but at least you have a career.


I'm working hard on not slapping you silly, does that count?


I will not be treated by a home-wrecker!

Patient [To Zoe]

Zoe: Picture me with both guys... Who do I look happier with?
Lavon: You really need to get a girlfriend

Let's just say I finally understand what R. Kelly has been singing about all of these years...


Last night, while George was calling off his wedding, I was having sex with Wade

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