Haven Season 3 Premiere Review: Colorado Kidding

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Hello, Haven fans, and welcome to our weekly review of this incredible SyFy series!

I hope you've had time to catch up on the first two seasons because with the Season 3 Premiere we pick up right where we left off: Nathan confronting Duke about the disappearance of Audrey. If only it had been Nathan or Duke who was responsible for her kidnapping, things in Haven would be much simpler.

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I have to be honest, I was completely lost for a lot of the episode as to why Audrey was kidnapped. It had something to do with The Colorado Kid, which most any of her problems do. Except that The Colorado Kid had supposedly been dead for over 20 years and the kidnapper seemed to think Audrey would have new information to share.

That wouldn't be unheard of because we have yet to discover who Audrey really is. Is she the awakened incarnation of Lucy or Sarah? Or might she be someone even completely different, with new memories that will come out during Season 3?

It's so fun to learn along with the characters who she might be, and what her significance to Haven is that she keeps coming around every 27 years. Given the first two seasons and the many shocking revelations, nothing would totally surprise me.

Despite what Vince said, when they dug up the grave of The Colorado Kid, there was no body to be found. The Colorado Kid may still be alive. I have absolutely no idea what that would mean to Haven, Audrey or anything else because he has been even more of a mystery to the audience than Audrey.

At least with Audrey we know who she is now, but Vince, Dave and the others who were around during The Colorado Kid's time in Haven are reluctant to share more than the basest of facts. It does absolutely nothing for Audrey's search about her past, who she was or who she is, and for once she really laid into the brothers about what they might know. They revealed very little. Again.

But in the coffin of The Colorado Kid, weighted with bricks instead of the body they had sworn was buried there, one of her previous incarnations wrote "Find him, before The Hunter." Because The Colorado Kid wasn't mystery enough, now they have to figure out who, or what, The Hunter is. Never a dull moment.

The trouble of the episode was certainly one unlike we've ever encountered. And it was a close one! Aliens? To this point troubles have seemed more in tune with the individual, their families or their problems. For a family to imagine aliens that not only scoop up the members, but also make themselves known to all of the townspeople was really different. Duke, Audrey and Nathan watched Wesley walk into a light and up into an alien craft. A strange trouble, for sure, and it only affected others by its magnetic power to raise pretty much anything under 50 pounds and toss it around town.

With his disappearance, so went the trouble.

When Audrey finally got free from her kidnapper and ran to Nathan, the look on Duke's face was so telling. It's been no secret that both men have harbored as much of a thing for Audrey as they do for each other. For each other, in a brotherly way, of course. I know this season is going to delve deeply into the very complicated relationship between these three characters, and that's what the premiere did best, it set up the season for us to wonder what will happen between them. A bromance and at least one romance.

At this point I doubt Duke would move in on Audrey because as much as he plays to hate Nathan, their feelings are so deep that the pain that comes naturally between them is enough for both of them to handle without further complicating it with a fight for Audrey. If something happened to Nate, all bets would be off.

What did you think of the premiere? On board for season three? I'll see you back here next week!


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Nathan the Colaroado kid, nope don't think so, reckon he might be his daddy though. Love the show :-)


I love this show! I forgot how much I missed watching it. The Aliens story was a little more far fetched than the other "troubles".
I like how they have developed Nathan & Audrey' characters into a true friendship and are now moving forward with them falling in love. I 'm not sure if the other characters will try to interfere with their new found love. I think Duke was hurt but he saw that relationship develop also, he'll be ok,
Want to see more of Nathan & Audrey!


It looks like the Colorado kid's death was faked and Lucy wrote a message to herself knowing that she would eventually dig up the grave and find it. I'd really love to know who's responsible for erasing people's memories and implanting fake ones I also don't that there was ever a kidnapping. We never saw the guy's mother and the "prisoner" behind the wall seemed like a ploy to get Audrey to confide in someone about the Colorado kid. The minute Audrey revealed that she couldn't remember anything prior to 6 months, the woman was "taken away". I'm also not sure if the son was in on the ploy, or if his mom faked her own kidnapping.


This is such an awesome show, but I was confused with the whole UFO story and how it's connection with everything. I agree that Lucy/Audrey has been around from the town's very beginning. Also, if the troubles are passed from generation to generation, there must be something special about their ancestors, who would have been the original founders of the town.


It was a lame episode to start.
The UFOs were bad...
And of course... The coffin was empty!


Also, I was hoping Audrey and Nathan would get closer. It's been clear for a moment that they have feelings for each other.


@Bobsuncorp, I was thinking the same thing... when the guy said that she loved the Colorado Kid, I thought of Nathan right away. I like your theory that she's been part of Haven from the beginning an might be the cause of the troubles.


I have to say I have thought after many episodes over the last two years that Haven is actually the best new show on TV. I really like the character interaction. They really seem to like each other, and I expect there must be a good working relationship on the set. I also like that is a "procedural" show.


I don't think I'll be satisfied unless we find out that Audrey (or whatever her name was at the time) came to Haven on the original colony ship hundreds of years ago. There's even a drawing of a blonde young woman in period dress in the opening credits, and I think that is supposed to be her. She has been around for a lot longer than the 3 (including the current) incarnations that we have heard about. I also think that it is entirely possible that she is somehow the cause of all the troubles, either unintentionally or in a previous evil incarnation of course. This is why if Duke kills her it will end all troubles forever. Oh, and the Colorado Kid is Nathan.


Awesome epie, did not disappoint! Great to have it back.... but my poor Duke :( that look on his face!

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