How Will Cristina Handle Crash on Grey's Anatomy?

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Everyone responds to life-threatening trauma differently.

No one proves this point more than Dr. Cristina Yang.

Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd calls his on-screen wife's actions in early Season 9 "deranged, crazy" and likens her to a "wild animal." Anyone else see an Emmy nomination in Sandra Oh's future?

"Owen's feeling very helpless and very out of control," McKidd tells TV Guide. "It's going to be Owen striving to win her back... they're definitely the damaged couple, but they seem destined to be together."

Yang in Shock

As for Cristina's best friend?

Meredith Grey deals with the post-crash trauma by throwing herself deeply into her work, according to creator Shonda Rhimes, and that means taking a hard line with the fresh crop of interns.

Prepare for Nazi Meredith.

“I don’t know if she’s angrier or meaner, but she’s a lot more no-nonsense,” explains Rhimes to TV Line. “She doesn’t have a lot of patience for less than perfect. She’s very good at what she does."

"After her experience in the woods, takes saving lives very, very seriously.”

On the flip side, in a future episode, “We sort of build to the idea where Meredith, who tends to clamp down because that’s her way, finally has a moment when she really mourns.”

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I think Snadra Oh should get an award for this episode, the combination of comedy and sriousness in her acting here was amazing.


I love this show and can't wait for season nine. I hate that Lexi died I loved her on the show, mark and her were soul mates. So my big wonder is does mark and arizona die


I have seen every episode since day 1 and I know they say all good things must come to a end but it will be a sad day when they decide to end it so keep it going


Honestly I hate the new turn of the Owen/Cristina's storyline. It's as pathetic as Meredith and Derek in seasons 2-3-4 : i love you, no I don't, yes I do, I have someone else but I can't forget u. It was already exhausting back then, and now again ? There could be more original drama in their story than this, I already feel I will only see those scenes in the background... Now Cristina's reaction and way of coping with the plane crash will be interesting.


I am looking for Owen to stop the helpless & out of control feeling - it is what started getting them in trouble to begin with. It started when Cristina had PTSD the first time & in my opinion, he wasn't as helpful to her as much as she was helpful to him when he returned from the war with it. He has to take over the reins to get Cristina better & avoid her from driving the relationship too much & that is NOT a negative. It just seems to me that the husbands are rolled over by their wives/girlfriends. I just think there needs to be more balance in these relationships. Too much of one thing is not a good thing .... 3 more weeks - it's been a long summer since the plane crash!


Daron - The show is about Meredith. Of course it's always about her. Sally - If you stopped watching the show five years ago, what are you doing on this site? I am amazed at the number of negative people and comments out there about this show. Don't like it? Stop watching. And quityerbitchin.


I don't care she is a selfish bitch it always have to be about her. She gets what she dereves.


What about Callie? Mark is her best friend and Arizona is her wife. They were on the plane 2. I get the MerDer and Cris and Owen....but really Callie is a major player in this show also.


I'm not convinced that Cris will be at SGH at the beginning of S9. That photo we saw of MerCris by the red sports car will be Cris leaving for her new attending career. Dr Parker will be doing the cario ops at SGH for a while .
At some stage Cris will return to SGH with her PTSD. Cris' relationship with Mer will be different cos she's no longer Mer's person. Owen and Cris will have to discuss their relationship before thye can get back together IMO


Ill be pissed if sandra oh doesnt get recognized for her amazing performance this year since we know shes gonna rock it out the park. it was bs when she didnt win last year after the shooting. she was amazing and i feel so sorry for christina for all of them. after all theyve been through. bombs shootings friends being hit with busses, if it could happen shondas put them through it. lets all just hope that when the end comes she makes it a happy ending for them.

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