Joseph Morgan Scoops Season 4, Hopes to Regain Body

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A number of issues face Klaus as we head into The Vampire Diaries Season 4, namely:

Will he ever regain his body? And will he end up the very lucky man on the arm of Caroline Forbes?

As Joseph Morgan teases in the following interview, the answer to the first question will most likely be yes... unless Michael Trevino is willing to do all his work for him. But when it comes to a future for Klaroline?

See what the beloved actor has to say about that now:

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I agree with you Jenna and Vampbarbie, the writing was so bad in season 3, the first half of season 3 was okay but the latter part wasn't too impressive apart from episodes 20 & 21. They have to work on the writing, because I think they have an awesome cast but the writing for the cast ain't good enough.
They shouldn't have made Klaus weak towards the latter part of season 3, he wasn't scary any more like he was in season 2.There is so much they could have done with the Originals in season 3 but they didn't utilise it.
I hope season 4 will be better than season 3.

David and sabrina 2014

If Klaus is permanently stuck in Tyler's body,then that would suck for Caroline when she loves Tyler a lot. I'm not really interested on the connection of Klaroline but I can't wait for season 4. =)


while Klaus and Caroline play off each other well. Their dynamic makes Klaroline interesting. Couldn't agree more, I don't ship them in a romantic sense, but their scenes are interesting to watch. Caroline is a smart and confident woman, and I think that attracts Klaus to her. But there is also something about Klaus that pulls Caroline towards him. I enjoy them because Klaroline echoes book Delena for me.


Klaroline may not be "meant to be" but they are more interesting than Borwood or 80% of TC fans wouldn't have jumped ship. And don't compare Dullena to Klaroline. Delena sucks because Elena is a Mary Sue while Klaus and Caroline play off each other well. Their dynamic makes Klaroline interesting.


Klaus and Caroline are meant to be! Lol it's just as bad as Damon and Elena being together.


Tyler and Caroline are not meant to be. They will break up next season because he will have the hots for Hayley. Caroline will find comfort in Klaus.


I never used to like the idea of Klaus and Caroline together, but now I think that it would be kind of interesting to see how that plays out. Caroline and Tyler are meant to be together, but a short term relationship with Klaus would be fun to watch.


Watching this video made me wanna cheer - Joseph, Joseph, Joseph! But ugh, I feel so bad that the only he gets asked about is Klaroline, which I am guessing is the reasons he and Candice were MIA at Comic-Con, cos I bet they would be swamped by those questions. Its sad to see that tv shows today have basically turned into make-out sessions that people tune into.


Klaroline needs to happen. Screw the haters.


Will he ever regain his body? Yes. And will he end up the very lucky man on the arm of Caroline Forbes? No.

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