Lost Girl Review: Blood Bond

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The Garuda versus Bo and her blood united team was the mission in the season 2 finale of Lost Girl, "Flesh and Blood." The Garuda didn't stand a chance, though the battle was not without some close calls.

While I never expected any of the core team to be at risk, I was surprised everyone made it out alive. As soon as Hale's sister showed up, I thought she would be the sacrificial goner. Instead, there were a few close calls with Vex breaking his arm, Kenzi getting nearly sliced in half and Trick being posessed by the Garuda.

But they all survived.

Bo & Lauren Argue With Trick

The revelation from the Garuda fight was the manifestation of Bo's blood power and a "Dark Bo." It was heartening to see that Bo was concerned about turning into her mother. She went to great lengths to make sure that didn't happen.

When Bo made Kenzi promise to kill her if she was overtaken with power was one of the most heartbreaking moments on Lost Girl. The bond between Bo and Kenzi is as strong as any two people can be to each other. It was because of that that Kenzi agreed to do the unthinkable -- kill Bo. 

Even when Kenzi was near death, her first concern was keeping her promise to Bo. She kept up her end of the deal, even though Bo broke it out of the love for Trick. Though, in that moment, Bo was fine; it wasn't until later that she started to turn dark. 

While Kenzi broke the blood bond between the team, the darkness didn't entirely leave Bo. The end was scary. How much has Bo turned? Will she be able to control it? Or, is she destined to turn dark?

Bo wasn't the only one changed. Kenzi is undergoing a transformation herself due to the black goop that got on her at the Norn's. Will she become permanently Fae-infected? She's had so many close calls that it wouldn't be unexpected. Is it possible for a human to become a Fae? Or, gain Fae powers?

When Lost Girl returns for season 3, will we get the Bo and Kenzi that we love back? Or, will they be taken to the dark side? We will have to wait until January to find out. It will also be months before we find out how Bo will react to Dyson having his love back.

At this point, Bo is passionately in love with Lauren. Their kiss -- wow! But, Dyson was correct that if Lauren wants to get out from under the Ash's control, now is the time to do it. I expect that Lauren would find that price too high. She loves Bo and if she has to stay with the Ash to remain with Bo, she'll do it.

Besides, now that Dyson has his love back, he offered that option to Lauren to free the path to Bo. It's intriguing that he hasn't told Bo yet. Did he wait because he didn't want to create a distraction during their Garuda fight? Is he afraid of her response? Does he see she is happy with Lauren and doesn't want to disrupt that? His intentions have been unclear. 

Whenever Bo finds out, it will be a moment to watch. Will she jump into his arms? Or, will she remain faithful to Lauren? As you see there are lots of questions about Bo and her loves and those are answers we will have to wait for season 3 to get.

Were you happy with the finale? What do you want to see happen next season?


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Yea we all love this show from my son 15yr my sister 25yrs my aunt 46yrs old my boyfriend 40 yrs old and myself 36yrs and bunch of åre friends watch it Every Monday like we did Sopranos phones off no talking nothing. We love it the show and characters r awesome. We r hoping Kenzi becomes Fae not just the two episodes the sword thing then be held we want her to be fae the Norm made it sound like she was going to be all kinds a special. Maybe it was a conflicting mix of fae in the jar something that will cause r kenzi to be Dark or we r hoping and glued very disappointing to hear only 13 episodes last year was like double. Hoping its a 13 episode break for a month then like 13 more. We can all wish. This show has so much potential it can go any direction fae get pregnant can Bo by Dyson that is juicy. I guess supernatural type shows Are taking a huge effect for people of all ages and men too. Something bout all these shows powers they have we all know most of what their called from Charmed and Supernatural and being Human. Wish secret circle would've made it and Ringer Network dont give it a shot evertime something we like comes on its taken away in first season left hanging. Alcatraz not sci-fyi was or could a been a awesome show syfy could pick it up and flip it to supernatural reasons. Any way we hope to see lot more seasons of løst girl hope more than 13 episodes atleast do a summer part give us more we r addicted to them all awesome cast differnt personalities but they all fit. Please more episodes.


OK first off I think that Dyson and Bo will always have thier great divide its just the way it is.I would also like to point out just because lauren understands Bos need does not make her better person than Dyson just makes her understanding person there is a differance. Lauren still is a liar and selfserving in her own way.


love the show! kenzie is my fav. looking forward to season 3 and hoping bo and lauren can FINALLY be together.


Hey Lisa- Couple of things. I lay it down hard with reviewers sometimes, when 2 things happen: either completely ignoring that Lauren had some pivotal plot driven stuff happening in an episode and not mentioning her at all (seems odd), or when review after review is down with a really negative slant on every action Lauren does. I don't mind when she screws up, her getting her own. But patterns of marginalization bother me. The people that step time and again, care about the show. If you want to call us organized becaus we check fan sites and post our 2 cents? Fine. It's good to have interested peeps in a show that could use more visibility and discussion.


What the heck happened today? Did everyone lose their joy? Can we not just shake hands across the table & agree to disagree? Points of order: 1)I hate what they have done to Dyson's character. 2)I really dislike the shipper wars, but I cannot stand unfairness 3)I enjoy Bo and Lauren dynamic better... personal preference. 4)I check websites, and comment because I CARE about the show... clearly, so does everyone else on this board or you wouldn't be here. This is good yes? GOOD! Everyone relax. No stress. Take a siesta. S3 is coming. There will be so much story for all of us, I'm sure of it. Carla, thanks for really spinning the boat around a bit and giving L some equal time in your stuff. I appreciated it heaps and heaps.


Nah, Fran, that was just you assuming everyone who dares to see Dyson's flaws is automatically a Lauren fangirl.


Fran-yes, they patrol every site. They are very proud to always have a few eyes on the Facebook page and Showcase boards so they can quickly stamp out any dissension in the ranks. They monitor all the TV critic reviews and yell if they don't talk about Lauren enough. There are really only a few major ones (Manuela (Manu), Kedrie (SkyFrye), Shelley (Harukanoten)) but they all have the same arguments. It's an impressively organized and cohesive group. And if you aren't with them, you are against them. Sorry. PS. Kenzi is my fav too.


Uh Lucy, My favorite character is Kenzi. Kenzi. Kenzi. Not Dyson. Kenzi! Clearly I like Dyson too (which is why I loosely use the word "fan"), but that's it. But you wouldn't realize that, because you keep assuming that anyone who defends Dyson's actions or criticizes Lauren must be an overprotective Dyson fan, or someone with their "head up their ass" (that was a quote from an earlier thread ). Once again. Favorite character: "Kenzi". And don't you DARE insult my girl! Kidding! Really!


Fran, apparently you need to look up the word hypocrisy on the dictionary. People are completely entitled to dislike Dyson, Lauren or whomever they feel like based on their current actions. Dyson took the bullet on this one and not without a reason. By bringing Lauren to the discussion because you are butt-hurt your dear character is being "hated" by Lauren fans who "patrol every site" (apparently you missed the fact that they are simply the majority - try trashing Kenzi and see where it will lead you) and then pointing out people who do exactly the same "baffle" you, you ARE being hypocritical.


Lucy K: "What baffles me is that this is something you are also guilty of, especially having started the whole argument here, so spare us the hypocrisy" I'm so sorry for that......Everyone was happily and peacefully hating on Dyson and then I ruined it with my opposing (and apparently hypocritical!) perspective. Hmmmmm ......LMAO!!!!!! He He! LOL

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