Major Crimes Review: He's Back And Annoying As Hell

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You know what's "Out of Bounds?" Keeping Taylor on Major Crimes.

This week we not only had to suffer through his presence, but his imprint was all over the case of the week. He chose to make the case a major crime strictly because his son attended the high school of the victim. 

Immediately turning into parent of the year and taking what looked to be a regular road rage case, he turned up the heat between the "blacks and the browns." That was the very thing he was trying to avoid, but he didn't have a problem stirring the pot. Yes, the crime was more than regular road rage, but does anyone doubt our crack squad would have figured that out without all the unnecessary gang play?

I don't. Not for a minute.

Raydor Makes a Daring Move

Before I continue on with the case, let's talk about Sharon and Rusty. Every scene between them becomes more familial and interesting. Rusty did research on his dad, the brother of a cocaine dealer, and discovered he's a mortgage broker. He immediately decided that must be bad (right?). I wish it was as easy for someone with Sharon's strength to take a kid like Rusty off the street and give him a place to call home, because, seriously, I'd consider it.

He's such a good guy, and so worried about being loved. When he cooked breakfast, it was so obvious, even to Sharon, that he was worried Sharon might want him to move out. She had already said she would miss him if he did, and only wanted him to know his father because he needed to know family, but it's good to see he already feels such a connection with Sharon. It was such a huge decision for Rusty to decide against his biological father and choose Sharon, but it worked better than I imagined.

To continue on with Taylor's vanity case, let's just get right to the good stuff. He could have killed Sykes. Yes, she was difficult to take, but she was growing on us. I couldn't possibly explain what happened any better than Provenza did in this conversation with Sharon:

Provenza: Look, this is one of the big differences between running internal affairs and working homicides. You send people into seriously difficult situations and they go because it's their job, and Sykes did that job today. Damn well.
Sharon: But lieutenant, what did I miss? I seemed like we had the situation covered.
Provenza: We're never covered. You have a partner, you have a gun, you have a camera, you have SIS, and a vest and dogs and patrol cars out the ass and people still get hurt. Sharon, there is no defense against bad luck. And we can't even take the time right now to properly consider Amy's misfortune because we have a murder to solve, which I'm sure is what Chief Taylor has come to remind us of.
Taylor: I have. | permalink

Here again we have the incredible character growth bestowed upon our former secondary characters from The Closer. We've seen, in extremely short order, Provenza go from being angry, to annoyed with Sykes, to taking on a kidding sort of relationship with her to being the first one to go to the hospital when she was injured. Not once have I doubted the journey of Provenza and Sykes. 

Sanchez was partnered with Sykes when she was injured, and the man who hurt her did not get off easy after taking her down. The new Julio Sanchez kicked the crap out of the guy who hurt his partner, and nobody batted an eyelid. 

We've battled over who is the heart and soul of major crimes, but I think we've got a very close tie between Sanchez and Provenza at this point. They are, quite frankly, blowing me away; as written and as portrayed by Raymond Cruz and G.W. Bailey. 

Somehow, I know some of you are still going to tell me you're not on board. I'd really like to know why. I didn't expect to feel so incredibly connected to Major Crimes as I thought Brenda was integral to the success of the department. I can admit when I was wrong. My hope is that the viewers feel the same, because I'm starting to feel a little nutty! Sound off...even if only to make me feel sane. 


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I was a huge fan of The Closer from the pilot right up to the final episode. I was thrilled when I first heard about Major Crimes. I was hoping and praying it would be a good show. I was not disappointed!!! I don't understand the negative comments directed at Rusty, unless it's homophobia. He brings so much heart to the show!!! He has become one of my favorite characters. Hopefully Major Crimes is around for many years to come! It would be awesome if Rusty chose a career in law enforcement and eventually works in some capacity with the unit.


I loved Closer and Major Crimes would be almost as good if they stuck to crime stories and got rid of Rusty. It is totally unbelievable that a senior police officer (Sharon) would take this kid home to live with her.. AND have him come around the squad room after school to do his homework.. AND listen in on all kinds of discussions about horrendous crimes. Rusty is annoying as hell. He whines and bitches. There is no good reason to have him in the show. In real life, the police would not try and be social workers. GET RID OF RUSTY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE


Please do not listen to this Susan Bee person. I don't remember the show ever making fun of Christians? And can you be anymore homophobic? How about not shoving your 'old fashioned ways' in our faces. This show is filled with violence, gangs, drugs, murder, rape... and you're worried about having gay people on the show... really? Are you kidding me with this? "Violence and rape crimes are welcome on the show, but god forbid they bring a gay person on the show because it might endanger the fragile bubble I live in, and it might threaten my perception of the world." Let me give you a piece of advice Susan, go back to watching reruns of "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Andy Griffith Show", and not try and ruin tv for the rest of us by aiming to have it censored or sanitized. I'm sick and tired of people like you shoving your beliefs and values down other people's throats, and if people don't like it and argue back or question your 'values', you claim discrimination and that Christianity is being attacked and persecuted. Some people in this country have a really messed up view sometimes, where somehow religion trumps all other rights and beliefs, and if anyone dare challenge the beliefs of your religion while you're trying to censor tv or pass laws that enforce your beliefs on others, people like you act like you're the ones being persecuted, when in fact you are free to practice and worship as you please. Grow up and open your mind. Your 'old fashioned ways' are absolutely puerile ridiculousness.

@ LeaveItToStupid

Rusty is THE most annoying character on TV. Please get rid of him.
It's so unbelievable one person is so self centered in a negative, winning, passive aggressive way


The closer was my favorite show and thats why I watched Major crimes. Its really good and I think very well writen. It actually has a plot I can understand and follow. just please don't make fun of Christians and have too many gay prople on in sex stuff. I am old fashioned and really like shows that are that way too


I think Major Crimes is just as good as The Closer. The fact that two completely different shows have been crafted from one singular cast really speaks to the talent involved, both behind and in front of the camera. The ongoing storyline with Rusty is so emotionally driven, it's all I can do to not scream at my tv to tell Sharon and Rusty to just hug already. I really hope TNT realizes the potential of Major Crimes and keeps renewing.


With the last 2 episodes, I'm officially on board, Rusty, Sykes (if she comes back) and all. Just brilliant, I think major Crimes lets the others shine. Kyra was amazing, but now we really get some time with the entire team.


Well, I do not think that the reviews are getting better because others simply quitt. I was not siure about this show, but I stayed with it and I just have to say it was worth it and so I also think the better reviews are more than deserved! I hope for much more shows!


The only reason the reviews are getting better is that all the critics have been bored to death already! Tuning out.


Continued: ... He may be annoying but Taylor saved lives this episode. The reviewer obviously allowed dislike of Taylor to colour their interpretation of the plot.


This was a very good episode. I didn't like the first few episodes as much as the last 2-3. I think it's found its feet now. I do have to disagree with the reviewer about Taylor. Though annoying, he did not make the murder a major crime because his son went to the school. He made it a major crime because it is an area with a lot of gang activity and it looked like a gang hit. Gang hits lead to retaliation and then it spirals out of control. Before you know you have dead bodies in the double digits. In addition he was right about the notification. If major crimes had done what they would usually do, which is notify the family and question them and then let them go, the dead boy's brother would have retaliated against the latino gangs. Result? Dead bodies. Captain Taylor was aware of the situation, both because his son goes to that school, and because he is the boss and has information from other divisions that major crimes people do not have access to. He may be annoying but Taylor saved lives this episode. The reviewer obviously allowed dislike of Taylor to colour their interpretation of the plot.

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