Major Crimes Review: He's Back And Annoying As Hell

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You know what's "Out of Bounds?" Keeping Taylor on Major Crimes.

This week we not only had to suffer through his presence, but his imprint was all over the case of the week. He chose to make the case a major crime strictly because his son attended the high school of the victim. 

Immediately turning into parent of the year and taking what looked to be a regular road rage case, he turned up the heat between the "blacks and the browns." That was the very thing he was trying to avoid, but he didn't have a problem stirring the pot. Yes, the crime was more than regular road rage, but does anyone doubt our crack squad would have figured that out without all the unnecessary gang play?

I don't. Not for a minute.

Raydor Makes a Daring Move

Before I continue on with the case, let's talk about Sharon and Rusty. Every scene between them becomes more familial and interesting. Rusty did research on his dad, the brother of a cocaine dealer, and discovered he's a mortgage broker. He immediately decided that must be bad (right?). I wish it was as easy for someone with Sharon's strength to take a kid like Rusty off the street and give him a place to call home, because, seriously, I'd consider it.

He's such a good guy, and so worried about being loved. When he cooked breakfast, it was so obvious, even to Sharon, that he was worried Sharon might want him to move out. She had already said she would miss him if he did, and only wanted him to know his father because he needed to know family, but it's good to see he already feels such a connection with Sharon. It was such a huge decision for Rusty to decide against his biological father and choose Sharon, but it worked better than I imagined.

To continue on with Taylor's vanity case, let's just get right to the good stuff. He could have killed Sykes. Yes, she was difficult to take, but she was growing on us. I couldn't possibly explain what happened any better than Provenza did in this conversation with Sharon:

Provenza: Look, this is one of the big differences between running internal affairs and working homicides. You send people into seriously difficult situations and they go because it's their job, and Sykes did that job today. Damn well.
Sharon: But lieutenant, what did I miss? I seemed like we had the situation covered.
Provenza: We're never covered. You have a partner, you have a gun, you have a camera, you have SIS, and a vest and dogs and patrol cars out the ass and people still get hurt. Sharon, there is no defense against bad luck. And we can't even take the time right now to properly consider Amy's misfortune because we have a murder to solve, which I'm sure is what Chief Taylor has come to remind us of.
Taylor: I have. | permalink

Here again we have the incredible character growth bestowed upon our former secondary characters from The Closer. We've seen, in extremely short order, Provenza go from being angry, to annoyed with Sykes, to taking on a kidding sort of relationship with her to being the first one to go to the hospital when she was injured. Not once have I doubted the journey of Provenza and Sykes. 

Sanchez was partnered with Sykes when she was injured, and the man who hurt her did not get off easy after taking her down. The new Julio Sanchez kicked the crap out of the guy who hurt his partner, and nobody batted an eyelid. 

We've battled over who is the heart and soul of major crimes, but I think we've got a very close tie between Sanchez and Provenza at this point. They are, quite frankly, blowing me away; as written and as portrayed by Raymond Cruz and G.W. Bailey. 

Somehow, I know some of you are still going to tell me you're not on board. I'd really like to know why. I didn't expect to feel so incredibly connected to Major Crimes as I thought Brenda was integral to the success of the department. I can admit when I was wrong. My hope is that the viewers feel the same, because I'm starting to feel a little nutty! Sound off...even if only to make me feel sane. 


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First off let me just say that I watched Closer from day one and always loved it. I still think the balance of the show worked because of Kyra. I think they still need to get to that place where it works. I really like the show. I just think it doesn't have enough of the quirky humor it established early on with Brenda. A lot of people don't like the Rusty storyline but I think it softens Raydor and she needed it. All she's missing now is one little humorous spot in each episode. And please for goodness sake give Buzz some technology to babble on about. His character is boring me to death. I seriously agree that Flynn has been seen far too little. I like Provenza and Flynn the most! Looking forward to more from our favorite squad.


I love Major Crimes more than The Closer. Frankly, seeing Brenda having the answer to it all and favoring the same person (David) all the time was getting on my nerves in the end. I kept watching because I knew Major Crimes was coming up and I wanted to give it a chance. As to who is the heart of Major Crimes: Julio Sanchez all the way. I believe Provenza is more like the father figure sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. One person I feel we don't see enough is Andy Flynn. He is a smart, hard ass detective who has a lot to share. Plus I like Tony Sarrero. I hope this show will be renewed. I hope we will get some new episodes around Chrismas time


Not bad. Well written, well presented ... the only fault I have to find with this episode is in the plotting. I cannot imagine a murderous incident like this ever actually occurring, and the Perry Mason-style confession looked too much like a writers' dilemma : "Oh cr*p, we've run out of time .. how do we wrap this thing in two minutes?"
FWIW, I used to write broadcast soaps back in the day ; you see these things if you know what to look for.
Still, it had my full attention up until those last few minutes. 4/5.


I am loving this show. I thought I knew these men. But it seems I was mistaken. Once he knows for a fact a person is truly innocent, Andy Flynn has great compassion and understanding for that person. But he is old school and you are guilty until proven innocent. Lt. Provenza is grouchy as ever but he has years of wisdom and a gruff grudging respect for those who do their job well. He also cares about his squad. Mike Tao is funny, electronics is his turf and he excels at it. Buzz has changed the most, maybe because Sharon uses him as a glorified errand boy, but he is way more whiny than any grown man should be. What can you say about the awesome Julio Sanchez? When he beat Sykes attacker down, I didn't hear anyone screaming for him to stop. When he ran in, guns a balzing last weak and rescued that hostage girl. He just held her and let her cry , I thought, my God this is what they should be writing about in all the magazines. Sharon has grown on me. Even though Sykes got on my nerves with her blunders and mistakes, she held her own against that man, who beat her almost to death. My heart was breaking for her. Rusty is growing on me. GLad he understands what Sharon has done for him. Finally.


I finally was able to see this ep. I had a feeling something was going to happen to Sykes but not like this. But its cool cause it keeps it real. It shows officers like Provenza said do get hurt. I loved how he explained that to Raydor. Rusty is growing on me too. He and Raydor click nicely. As heavy as the drama was the light moments were nice too. I loved how Tao flipped when Julio was explaining the high tech stuff. Flynn and Provenza helping Raydor with Rusty. And Buzz had the best line of the night. "Are we going to get hit up for more money?" I hope Major Crimes lets Sykes heal in real time. That is what I call takiing one for the team.


This show gets better and better with each episode. I think its better than "The Closer". I love it when Provenza calls her Sharon!


Taylor was such an annoying character when he was first on The Closer. He acted like a spy and a buffoon and no one respected him. Then he gradually developed a working relationship with Major Crimes after the death of Tommy Delk. Now that he is Deputy Chief he is more pompous than ever. He plays a good we love to hate...but a little goes a long way. I like the way Raydor relies on the strength of her squad and doesn't micromanage the unit. She has confidence in her abilities and resists the temptation to treat the others as her lackies and gofers while she makes all the important discoveries. I would love to see a show that revolved around Andy Flynn again because he was great in the AA episode of The Closer.


I love this show so much - have right from the start because it is like being with old friends - whoever decided to keep the same people, with a few exceptions, was so smart! I can't even beging to pick a favorite, because they are all terrific (and so is Rusty!).


Raymond Cruz is a fantastic character actor who is coming into his own on this show... His turn on Breaking Bad in guest roles was fantastic and ultimately led down the lethal path that Walter White has been on with his killing...


I loved Major Crimes right from the start. And I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of Rusty and Rusty and Sharon. Who is the heart? They ALL are. They have a leader in Sharon who doesn't overshadow all of them with her personality or her quirks. And that's definitely not knocking Brenda but allowing for the transition from The Closer (singular) to Major Crimes (ensemble). Julio Sanchez has been amazing! And I sense that each of them will have opportunities to shine.

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