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Haven't watched this episode yet--waiting for it to come up on Amazon where I bought the season pass as soon as it became available--but I have to say, I loved the Sharon Raydor character on the closer, and like her even better in Major Crimes.

Brenda was fantastic, but she was a wizard. Only she could work her magic.

Raydor is intense and driven, and unique in her own way. She brings a moral strength of character which is fantastic.

I don't agree with any of the characterizations of Raydor as stiff or wooden, on either show; she is contained and very, very intense. The actress brings an incredible subtlety to the portrayal which I think is the very opposite of boring.


Regarding who the heart and soul of major crimes is, I'll have to go with Sanchez. Provenza has too much baggage at this point. His idiotic, albeit humorous behavior of the past, prevents me from taking him seriously. I know that Julio would have my back, while I'd be worrying that Provenza was off his focus talking to some random chippie.
I some viewers are still not on board, due to Sharon Raydor, it's okay, plenty of us are sticking with her. When she was initially introduced, it was evidently to be a huge storm cloud over Brenda's parade. She was both infuriating and interesting.
Like you, I didn't expect to enjoy this series, but I also was wrong. I'll also admit, rather grudgingly, that Rusty is growing on me.


Totally agree with the review. I absolutely love the new interactions in the the show. Sharon and Rusty are epic! Plus I am glad that Rusty is getting a boyfriend - I was so hoping that they didn't go with the "confused youth thing". Rusty knew from the finale of "The Closer" exactly where he was coming from.


love love love the new show! sharon and Rusty's relationship is awesome! however her adult kids are mysterious to me.. perhaps they are dead? hmmm

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