Marlene King Spills Major Pretty Little Liars Secret

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Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King had a secret, but she just could not keep it.

As a reward to followers for helping her hit the 100,000 mark on Twitter, the producer revealed a major spoiler on that social networking site yesterday.

"Here it is: In episode 316 a PLL will find out that Toby is a part of the A team. And the fAll out is huge," Tweeted King, referring to the installment titled "Misery Loves Company" that will air in early 2013.

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Scene

King has already said Toby is most definitely evil, a development our Pretty Little Liars Round Table team discusses in their latest Q&A discussion. 

Where do you stand on all of this? Still in shock over the Toby reveal? Wondering where this is all going? And are you counting down the milliseconds until PLL's January return?

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I've seen a photo on the internet, it's Spencer that finds out that Toby is part of the A Team!


I am Heartbroken that Toby is on The A Team. HE & Spencer are perfect, Not to mention, HE is one of MY Favorite guys ( NExt to Caleb). If anything, I hope that he will man up & Tell Spencer himself ..


I thinking that Alison killed her twin Courtney who stole her identity and befriended the liars and that she recruited the other members of the a team by promising them revenge on the liars and courtney and that when mona said that she saw ali in brooke haven she really caught the real ali spying on courtney and that's how she became a member of the team


my heart breaks every time i hear 'spoby' now


nooo I cant belive this... toby cannot be A him and spencer are perfect. I think emily will be the one to find out and be so heartbroken.


I didn't even think of this, TVF168, but it all comes down to Emily. You're right that it was her relationship with Toby that brought him into the circle of trust in the first place. And then Maya was targeted, and that was Emily. What's the deal with Emily?


Rewatching season 1, I'm not surprised Toby is A-team, or that A tried to help/save Emily from pyscho Nate. I'm betting on Em finding out the truth about Toby, since she was the one who convinced Spencer that Toby wasn't bad.


I'm glad that Toby has turned out to be evil. It'll probably knock the girls into some common sense that not everyone is who they say they are. E.g. Emily being stupid enough to trust that 'Nate' was Maya's cousin.

Spindae 2o

who will wait til than?? They played this perfectly.
Can't wait! Is there hope for #SoBy??


I think it will be Hanna that finds out. I am still mad that they made Toby part of the A team.

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