Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Lady Killer"

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In a word: WHOA.

In two words: Really, Toby?!?

Following Tuesday's shocking Pretty Little Liars summer finale, our Round Table team has gathered to breakdown the betrAyer; express sorrow for Paige; and to choose a boyfriend in Rosewood. Join Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines, Christina Tran, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica below and chime in with your own take on these Q&A topics...


Fess up. Who felt just a little bit sorry for falling for the Paige propoganda?
Nick: This guy! But isn't that half the fun of PLL?

Leigh: Okay, fine, I apologize to Paige. But she had some rage issues so obviously it made a little sense, no? After she got that text at Emily's I realized she was probably in the clear. However, there's a reason Mona and Toby want to frame Paige. What is it? She also has history with Ali. I'm not 100% trusting her yet. 

Christina: Oh man, poor Paige. I did feel slightly bad, but only because you can bet I’ve had everyone at some point or another on my rAdar.

Teresa: I am delightfully guilt-free. This is what PLL is all about, pointing fingers at whoever seems suspicous. We have to follow our Scream rules - everybody is a suspect. 

Carissa: PLL does a great job at propoganda. But the false build up was kind of disappointing. Paige DID try to drown Emily, after all!

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When did you know who the betrAyer would be?
Nick: The minute Toby was back in the picture. The entire conversation and reunion felt off to me, and once Toby zipped his jacket up afterwards with Spencer sealed the deal... so to speak, for me.

Leigh: After Spencer and Toby knocked boots and he gave her that hug goodbye, there was a look on his face that was like "I love this girl, I can't believe what's about to go down." I actually texted my friend and said that was a weird and shady look Toby just gave. Still in disbelief though. 

Christina: I knew something was up with Toby immediately from the moment I saw his face as he was hugging Spencer.

Teresa: Just like Nick, I knew it had to be Toby during their reunion scene. That was followed up by a very intimate bedroom scene, and then Toby's hard stare into the camera before leaving Spencer. The set up was nice, but a little too obvious.

Carissa: Just like everyone else, immediately upon his return. The reunion music alone spoke volumes. Giving up her body and soul sealed the deal.

You can easily count on one hand the men in Rosewood who LIKE women (won't attack, betray, punch, or cheat on them). How would you choose a Rosewoodian boyfriend?
Nick: Well, I choose them based on looks alone because I am incredibly shallow. At least Noel hasn't betrayed me! Honestly, I would have chosen Toby because he seemed to be the best of the bunch.

Leigh: FBI background checks? Outsourcing? Never dating again? Caleb isn't from Rosewood and he's my favorite, so yeah I'll stick with my outsourcing.  

Christina: I would choose Caleb. The end.

Carissa: I would take down Christina, and then take Caleb. The end.

Nate succumbed to our wishes and died. Who do you hope will be the next to go?
Nick: This is the best question ever, and I think it should be a weekly thing. Since we can only choose one I want Jenna to die. Jenna has run her course for

Leigh: I don't really hope anyone gets killed off, so much as I want some damn answers. Seriously my brain starts to hurt when I try and piece together this show. 

Christina: Wren, please! Everyone always talks about how Ezria shouldn’t be together, but what about Wren? When is he going to stop chasing girls clearly too young for him? Plus, I think he is utterly annoying.

Teresa: Right now I'd settle for seeing the death of Aria and Ezra's relationship. It's gotten kind of dull even with the baby-mama drama.

Carissa: One of the As. They need to stop multiplying and start passing on. Get a little fear of their own going on.

Finally, what are the motivations behind Toby being on the A team, and does his being there knock anyone off your list of suspects?
Nick: I think part of the motivations is simply writing the show and finding a use for his character since they deviated from his book version. I also see it as a chance to really, really shake Spencer. No matter what happens Spencer is always the rock, always the person to lend a helping hand, and now she's on the opposite end. She gave herself completely to Toby, and it is (maybe) for show. So as Spencer gets closer and closer to finding the truth she'll probably begin to crack emotionally more and more. As for if there are more than two on the team I don't know really. Is anyone ever safe? So many questions! me.

Leigh: Call me a hopeless romantic, but I kinda think Toby is going double agent on us. A did stuff to him too. I know that's not an excuse because A supposedly did stuff to Mona and know. But as one of our readers thoughtfully pointed out, remember when Toby's brakes were cut and his scaffolding was loose? A few weeks ago he told Spencer if you're not gonna tell me what's going on, I'm gonna find out. Maybe this was part of him finding out. Besides, who would've called Emily and warned her? 

Christina:  I like Nick’s answer in that Toby as part of the A team will serve its purpose in shaking Spencer up. In a way, it makes sense because he’s always conveniently either missing in action (or so we thought). As for the rest of the A team, I’ll cross off Jenna, but everyone else still remains. I’m naively hoping the webepisodes will provide some more insight. Don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath and neither should you.

Teresa: I'm never surprised that so many people hated Ali. She was a terrible person. I'm actually surprised that her friends care if her body is returned. In fact, they seem more concerned about themselves than their former friend, which makes perfect sense. Ali created all sorts of enemies, and her death just passed them on to her best friends. Toby had as much reason as Mona to hate Ali. I still think we'll see Wren pop up on the A team, and I'm actually considering what role Emily plays in all of this. She was the only other person in the lighthouse when Caleb got shot.

Carissa: I have no idea. I hope it's not some hidden tale about bullying. They were all raked over by Alison. Maybe he's still in love with Jenna? Or maybe she's off the list entirely now. I'm lost.

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Has there been an season 5? When did it start or has it?


I don't feel bad at all for suspecting Paige, I was just disappointed when she was taken by Nate. Why I didn't have my doubts when Paige got a text from A was because I thought she was a part of the "A" - team and the other A or As wanted to get hold of her. So yeah, I hope she's bad, because she seems a bit crazy and she would actually be a perfect suspect now that she has cleared herself. No one would suspect her, not even Spencer. Oh, poor Spence, from Paige to Toby.. This is going to ruin her completely. And no, I'm not over the fact that Toby is on the "A" team, I did worry a bit, by his look when he hugged Spencer, a million thoughts were going in my head, but then I forgot and now, I'm just shocked. ACTUALLY, I did suspect why he showed up so suddenly and forgave, but then I thought oh well, true love and all.. Maybe I need to follow the Scream rules and suspect everyone. EVEN, the pretty liars. (For now, Emily).
And Caleb, it just hit me now, but yeah, he's a bit high on the list.


I don't feel bad for suspecting paige. I still think there is something messed up about her. I have NOT forgotten her attacking Emily and that "so-called" apology was not a real apology IMO. Whether or not she was "A" or working with "A" I don't like her with Emily, Is it bad that I would not have been sorry if nate had killed her? I kind of mad to that nate turned out to be a bad guy. I kinda of liked the idea of him and Em getting together. Oh well...


I didn't consider Toby until towards the end. I am confused though, has Toby been part of the A-Team this whole time, even in season 1 or is he a newby to the club? I still wouldn't rule Jenna out either. There are several on the list.
I always wondered if Nate was who he says he was. I can't say there's much love lost there either. He seemed a useless character to me. I don't feel bad thinking it was Paige as I never really did think it was her. I wasn't thinking Toby either at this point though...
I don't know who I'd like to see die next. I certainly don't want Aria and Ezra's relationship to change. They've lasted pretty strongly for all seasons thus far and personally I like Wren.
I have to wonder if Toby is working with Jenna.


Okay I knew from day one that Nate was the stalker. I don't know how but I just knew. And I literally had 0% that Toby was A. I didn't even consider it.. And so I was completely shocked. And I know in my heart he is the sweetest guy and most beautiful guy so obvi he's just doing it to protect Spencer!


Ugh my comment got sliced at the end! To finish it:
Jenna seems to forget that the girls have also been victims of both A and Ali alike.
5. Toby was also a victim of Ali's- simple as that. Like Leigh I also hope he's playing double agent but I'm also ready to accept that that may not end up being the case. I'm not keeping a strict list of suspects, I'm only interested in the Big Bad A- the one who started the whole A Team in the first place, who's handing out the orders to Mona(and also now Toby). And what this person's motives are- who was Ali to them? On an unrelated note, where the hell is Jason? He just disappeared after the hit and run. And I never cared for the Hastings family drama but where are Melissa and Spencer's dad?! And finally, does Aria even have a brother anymore?!


1. I don't feel bad at all. What happened doesn't change how she's been recently: trying to turn Emily against her friends, picking up Emily's phone and ignoring the call from Spencer, giving Spencer a serious death glare when they talked in front of the lockers, etc. She's not in the clear with me- whether she's on the A Team or not, she's definitely up to something.
2. Like some of the others, I knew the second they showed the look he had on his face when he was hugging Spencer goodbye. Even so, I was still surprised and disappointed at the end when they revealed it was him. He looked deadly.
3. I'd choose Toby. First because of how awesome, despite the betrayal, he's treated Spencer throughout their relationship. And secondly because he's hot of course.
4. Maybe Garrett just so we could end the drama surrounding him, of course after the summer finale I know that might not be happening soon. Maybe someone from the A Team like Mona(Not Toby please!!). Or Jenna, but not for any good reason, I'm just tired of her bitchiness towards the liars: it's reminiscent of Ali and she seems to forget that, just like her, the liars have been victims of both A and Ali alike(if Jenna has been a genuine victim this whole time that is).
5. Ali did something to Toby, simple as that. He was one of her victims. Like Leigh though I'm also a hopeless romantic and hope he's playing double agent, but I'm also ready to accept that that may not be the case. But she made a great point: who else would have warned Emily?!! In all honesty I don't care how many members of the A Team the show reveals, the only one I'm interested in is the Big Bad A- the one who started the A Team in the first place, the one that gives Mona(and now Toby)the orders. And what this person's motives for starting this whole thing are.


1. I wouldn't say I fell for the Paige propaganda, but I'm not willing to forgive & forget with her either.
2. I'll admit his reunion with Spencer felt off in terms of the flow of the episode, which should have been my clue, if I cared.
3. I'm not sure I'd date anybody in Rosewood, including Caleb. He was acting weird the whole episode, and Spencer just gave him Maya's bag. Caleb is my next A-team suspect (keeping Wren company).
4. Ooooh - Teresa's answer is good! The death of Ezra & Aria's relationship. But I'll take Garrett (aka Ian 2.0).
5. While Toby's on my Dream A-team, I have no motivation for him being there, unless he's working undercover (which according to PLL people, he's not). Okay, I take that back. I'm rewatching season 1 now and Toby got screwed by Ali and the PLLs! I don't blame him for joining.


1. Not me! She still seem shady especially when she told Emily not to trust her best friends.
2. I didn't think it would be Toby even though he did have that look on him. I was still hoping it will be Paige.
3. It is so hard to choose because you have Noel, Caleb, Toby, and Jason. I want all four of them.
4. Paige or Wren.
5. I am with Leigh.

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