Once Upon a Time Season 2 Premiere: THREE Clips!

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ABC has released three new clips from the Once Upon a Time Season 2 premiere.

Following a sneak peek that made it clear to Regina how magic works differently in Storybrooke, we first see Emma walking down the street with her friends, fellow residents... and parents?!? Watch Mary Margaret ask her daughter if she has any questions now:

Elsewhere, we see what becomes of Regina immediately after the curse is lifted, as the prison-based bars are turned on this Queen:

Finally, Belle opens up to Rumplestiltskin about her fate, angering her fairy tale world love and setting the stage, we presume, for a major future storyline:

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I am very interested in how Emma and Mary Margret/Snow White adjust to this new dynamic. At first I thought this show wouldn't last now I hopelessly addicted. Can't wait for next Sunday.


Really? That land is gone? For good? Well...i wanted them to stay more in Storybrooke, but i hoped that they'd eventually get back to Fairytale Land.
Anyway... Rumpelle!!!!!!


Mary Margaret going from Emma's (basically) best friend to being Snow White and maternal is hilarious!


Cannot wait* lol


Sooo stoked Cannot for for it to begin!

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