Teresa Lisbon to Develop "Killer Instinct" on The Mentalist

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Teresa Lisbon will soon have a lot in common with Patrick Jane. And with Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.

Asked about an upcoming three-episode arc for the character on The Mentalist Season 5, which shifts to Sunday and premieres September 30, creator Bruno Heller teased to TV Guide that Lisbon will soon gain a "killer instinct" when she goes after a suspect.

Lisbon on The Mentalist

Look for the suspect in question to either be a duplicitous millionaire playboy or a mysterious government official; and for Lisbon to grow obsessed with bringing him to justice.

It will help her relate better than ever before to her male counterpart on the series. Previews Heller:

"Once you've felt that urge and that need, you understand people in that same frame of mind much better."

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Please don't let Lisbon's nemesis be Walter Mashburn. Maybe it could be the Visualize guy (I forgot his name, but his real name is Malcomb McDowell).


& I have a hunch that government official could be Gale Betram,but he wont be "mysterious".


Is it just me or the multumillionaire character sound like Walter Mashburn & it would make sense if he is,coz if he turns out to be a bad guy,Lisbon is bound to feel betrayed & she will take it upon herself to bring him to justice. To be honest,when i first read that Lisbon will get own Red John like nemesis in a 3 episode arc,i thought it will be someone from her past(like her mother's car accident,wasnt an accident...too much Castle,i know)which is why i would be glad if its not.Nevertheless its a very interesting plot development on the Jane/Lisbon front.

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