The L.A. Complex Review: The Ideal Life

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That's right. The L.A. Complex just went there. We've entered into Scientology territory and I hope the series never goes back. 

I don't know that I've ever been more excited for a show to tackle a storyline. And here I was thinking that the whole Connor/long lost sister thing was going to be boring! 

Connor and Charlotte

In "Help Wanted," everyone is asserting themselves in some unique way. Beth's helping out the hot blonde with her S.A.T.s, Raquel is inflicting her lack of waitressing skills on some poor restaurant patrons, Kal enlists Abby for album help with ulterior Tariq motives and Connor's "sister" Charlotte thinks she knows just the thing to cure what ails Connor. 

And she couldn't be more right! Remember that episode where Connor almost got sucked in while him and Raquel were walking around Hollywood?

The last time he encountered Scientology, he had Raquel to pull him out. This time, he's got no Raquel, no Jennifer, and a woman claiming to be his sister pulling him in. I mean, Connor is absolutely the best candidate for a new movement like Scientology. He has disposable income, will believe anything, and will continually punish himself if he thinks he deserves it. Watch out Connor, it's time to start living my personal nightmare, or as "Charlotte" calls it, your ideal life!

Please feel free to speculate about how this will turn out for Connor. If it ends in the Sea Org, I will personally fly to Canada and kiss the ground Martin Gero (creator of The L.A. Complex) walks on. It will be fun to see Raquel's reaction to Connor's new religion. I predict cynicism gradually building to real concern within two episodes.

This was a great episode for Raquel. She's hit rock bottom. Bankruptcy. No agent. No money. She has nothing. She also has nothing to lose. She finds her way into waitressing, which leads to bartending. I'm also predicting this job will lead to her getting a new boyfriend who accepts Raquel in all her awesome bitchiness and ego-centricities. Her jumping into Cam and Kevin's movie at the end of the episode was like icing on the cake. I'm ready to see Raquel work her way back into Hollywood's good graces, Indie film and Entourage style. It's time.

Abby and Kal didn't get much air time, but I loved watching Abby find out at the end of the episode about Tariq. A bit over the top, but that's completely valid considering Abby is quite reactionary and she's an undeniably caring individual who just found out her good friend was attacked by the man he loved. It's worth a slap and a push or two, indeed.

And poor Nick! Scott is clearly a selfish jerk. And while we could see Nick's firing and Scott's cowering a mile away, Nick likes to see the best in people, and he took a hard fall. I much enjoyed seeing Nick tell him off and punch Scott. There were some awesome L.A. Complex quotes, starting with Tompkin's rant about writers and cocaine and Raquel's snappy one liners.  t was nice to see Sabrina be sincerely comforting and not just full-on sassy. I love a sassy girl, but Nick needed to hear some words of encouragement and Sabrina nailed it.

Other than finding out Beth is a human dictionary and seeing her and Cam finally have sex and be interrupted, I have nothing too much to comment on.  Although I'm sure her lying about her father will catch up to her. I could use some more patience where Beth is concerned. She's 18 and raising her kid brother. I will attempt to cut her some slack.

I can't stress how excited I am for this Connor storyline. And if I was ever going to trust a series to go there in a unique way, it's this series. Please continue to impress me, The L.A. Complex. Same time next week! 

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Tried to conclude my post by asking: What will happen next? Will we get a season 3 to find out? And is it too much to hope for a season 4?


I knew it. I knew "Charlotte" was too wonderful to be real. Poor Connor; this lost boy really can't catch a break at all, can he? I agree it's going to be juicy drama to watch the whole Scientology thing unfold and Connor's reactions as he realizes how he's been conned, but I cringe at the prospect, too--I truly feel bad for this guy. The other compelling character for me--in fact the most compelling of the series (with the scrappy, self-destructive Raquel a close second)-- is of course King Kaldrick. The whole Kal-Tariq affair is what drew me to the show in the first place and has kept me watching (I was channel surfing one evening and was stopped dead in my tracks by that "Do something!" moment); we've just never seen anything like them on American television before. The introduction of Chris was ingenious and necessary--we want to see Kal evolve (and display that smokin' hot bod) with someone and obviously it can't be with Tariq, at least not for a long while if ever again. What will happen next? Will we get a season 3 to find out? And is a season 4 too much to hope for?


Seriously hooked on this show--- I really hope they show more of kal and tariqs storyline in the future! Andre fuller is an amazing actor!


This show never ceases to amaze me. I'm always so excited after each episode! It's so good, I have all of this energy pent up inside me! Please, let it get picked up for a third season!

The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dreamworks is doing that movie about the lazy hummingbird thing, right?


Process Server: Raquel Westbrook? I'd recognize that walk anywhere.
Raquel: Well, that's not creepy at all.