Tournament of TV Fanatic ABC Championship: Stana Katic vs. Nathan Fillion!

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Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic: ABC edition!

It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite ABC star! We have chosen 16 fan favorites for this showdown. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

Castle fans have spoken. After tough semifinal wins against Grey's Anatomy's core duo, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion will square off for the ABC title! After tens of thousands of votes cast (and last night's Castle season premiere), they've earned it. So who's it going to be in our all-Castle final? VOTE below!

And the Winner is?

Nathan Fillion vs. Stana Katic: Which ABC star do you love the most? Vote now in the championship round matchup of the Tournament of TV Fanatic: ABC Edition! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Stana Katic

Nathan Fillion

Total Votes: 5307

The winner will be announced Friday! Here's the updated ABC field:


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@Ali, it might be finger pointing, but you know it is true. I'm not voting on this one, it shouldn't even be a vote.


Well I love them both but I got to go with Stana. So far, TVF polls winners are both guys (Simon Baker and Jensen Ackles), and I like to throw a beautiful gal into the mix and show them it's not all about the guys.


Castle fans, why the hell did we pitted ourselves in this situation? We should have tie 50/50 and have them go up against other networks's stars. I refuse to choose. @Emily, please don't start pointing fingers. It's not nice.


Love them both....but gotta go with Stana Katic!!!


You should just call this one a draw since they are both on the same show. Because right now, you're just provoking the Stana-Freaks into 'proving' she's more popular than Nathan because they have a serious chip on their shoulders and are kinda rabidly pathetic about their inferiority complex, which frankly embarrasses the entire Castle fandom. So good job here, tvfanatic. #idiots

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