Castle Season Premiere Review: Not a Dream

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Now, that is what I call a season premiere! Castle returned in fine fashion with an hour of television that reminded me why I loved this show. So, let's get to it and talk "After the Storm," shall we?

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Season Four wrapped up with Kate resigning and making the big step to show up at Castle's door. Esposito got suspended with Kate because of Ryan, at whom he is still pissed. And, of course, there was the looming question of who is trying to kill Beckett. Along with a certain bedroom tryst that, YES, actually happened.

It really happened! No dream sequences, no one sided actions. It happened. A very happy morning for Rick and Kate ended quickly with Martha and Alexis showing up. Even though it got cut short (hilariously, by the way), Caskett shippers should not be disappointed. We have talked this "will they, won't they" into the ground. After four long seasons, they finally did. Was it the right move?

Absolutely. These two needed to make some forward movements in their relationship. They don't need to jump into a relationship or get married. But the pining over each other needed to lead somewhere. TV Fanatics... what do you think? Too soon, about time or who cares?

Now on to the other characters...

I know I have made complaints before about Martha and Alexis' arcs, or lack thereof. But I have to admit, it felt pretty good to have them both back on my screen again.

Elsewhere, the bromance is over. After the stunt that Ryan pulled in the finale, Espo is still angry with him. These two must work things out immediately, though, because there is nothing better than this friendship on a Monday night.

Luckily Beckett is not mad at Ryan because he needed everyone's help with the case. Putting these four characters in a room is the best thing Castle writers can do. They seriously all have such great chemistry together.

Concerned Castle

As expected, the bulk of the hour was spent searching for the man responsible for all of this mess. The uncovered information led them right to Senator William Bracken, the highly buzzed about guest star, Jack Coleman.

Let is be said: This veteran actor kills it as the corrupt politician and he is one guest star I wouldn't mind keeping around on the series.

But where was Lanie??

The premiere had pretty much everything else us Castle fans have grown to love: humor, mystery, suspense and a detective/writer pair that we can't help but adore. Of course, there with the predictable parts (Beckett getting her job back, Esposito finding them in the warehouse just in time...) But it doesn't really matter. The fall TV season is here and we are happy!

  • Rewind Moment: Kate busting up the Senator's face. The girl is no joke!
  • Best Rick Castle quote: "So, it wasn't a dream?"

So, TV Fanatics, what did you think of the first episode of Season Five? Was it everything you hoped for or was it a bit of a letdown? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

For more awesome one-liners from "After The Storm," hit up the Castle quotes page. And don't forget to check back later this week for the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table.


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I think they need to change the name of the show to 'Beckett'! She seems to get more lines and air time than Castle in most episodes. Mr. Marlow was correct with his comments over the summer. Fans got an answer to 'the question' very quickly in the premier, that they did ... and little else. Wouldn't you expect a couple to say more to each other in that situation than was shared with viewers? Maybe they could have sat back down on the swings, actually faced each other, and shared some feelings. You know, give us an idea of what they were feeling right then?! Why would Mr. Marlow want to spend 2 minutes of additional air time on the main characters feelings at that moment?


I meant 5x18 promo


No disrespect but Nathan looked like he gained more weight in 5x17; and in the beginning of promo 5x19 it looked like he had man boobs; his character is still lovable & funny but you can see the extra pounds in his face; its not cute"...not looking for a six-pack but nathan needs to shed a few


Beckett and Esposito know that Ryan's "stunt" (as the reviewer calls it) saved Beckett's life. So if Esposito values Beckett as a friend as much as he portrays he does, he'd be grateful that Ryan's actions saved her, which is more than he (Espo) managed to do while laying unconscious on the floor. Esposito's ego is over the top and until he reins it in, his friendship with Ryan will remain rocky.


I didn't think it was obvious that Beckett never planned to kill the Senator. It seemed to me that she left the apartment still feeling there was no hope (1) to end the danger she was is and (2) to bring the Senator to justice. I interpreted her encounter with the Senator as a real intent to kill him (as a last resort only, not that she was seeking revenge), but then the bluff came to mind and she threw that out as a desperate alternative to having to kill him. The bluff worked, so she was able to buy time in order to eventually build a solid case against the senator.


Oh and me too, I was bewildered about the zip ties. When he got excited when he found that shrew, I thought for sure he knew what to do. Than I was like "WTF are you doing using it as a saw?" As for Nathan Fillion... He did gain weight those last four years :p The only time I think about it is when I watch the first season after watching a recent episode, it's so obvious! But usually I don't see it, his charm and ruggedly handsomeness are still intact ;)


Usually, I'm not the kind of fangirl that squeals every two minutes, but this episode had me yelling, clapping, cheering, and a LOT of squealing! Seriously, how cute are they ^__^ I can't wait to see more of Caskett next episode! Of course, all the non-cutesy stuff was also pretty good. Great action, even if sometimes a bit predictable. The only thing that I didn't like is creating drama for the sake of drama with those last scenes: since her plan wasn't to kill the senator, why didn't she tell Castle and the others about it? I really see no reason why she couldn't at least tell Castle, he wouldn't have stopped her, I'm even surprised none of them thought about bluffing and blackmailing the Senator with the file. The only reason I see for her disappearing in the night was to make everyone (including us) believe she was going to kill the man and create some drama. So for me, that kinda fell flat, since it's obvious this was never her plan, only the writers'.


I really liked this episode. It was the preview of next weeks episode that made me worry. Kate walks in on Castle with a woman on top. I hope they don't go there with the characters. We don't need a tease or tension between them when they are finally on the same page physically. I did not like the ending seen in the elevator. That sends a different message. All men are not savages or enjoy that side of communication sexually. But as we anticipated the characters move forward and we looked ahead to familiar routines that make the show come together.


Superb Superb premiere. This show continues to outshine itself. Episode upon episode.


GOD! I loved it! It was amazing. They are so freakin adorable! I wanted more romance but then I remember its crime/romance show and not just romance so I thought we would get it in instalments in this entire season 5... Man! Stana's hair in this season is just so beautiful and even Nathan looks good. I loved final scene between Kate and Senator! Thats what Det. Kate Beckett is! This is why I love this woman and at the end of the scene the way Rick smiled at her was totally complementary! :)))) Aww... When I saw it, that when I realized how much I missed Castle from May 7.. Thank god, Sept is here! :)))

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That's going to leave a nasty scar. Every time you see it, think of me.


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