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The Ava Show may have been cancelled, but Up all Night was back and better than ever as Season 2 got under way.

"Friendships and Partnerships" threw the show's two leading ladies into flux and put their friendship to the test, while Chris and newcomer Scott (Luka Jones) formed a solid new bond. 

What can you say about a show that references, Chuck E. Cheese, Porky Pig and Downtown Julie Brown in the same episode, but... ah-mazing! There was no shortage of pop culture references or laughs in the season opener, but even more entertaining was seeing the new shape of the show take form so seamlessly. Aiding in the successful transition was Jones's character Scott, who fit in superbly.

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His interactions with his overly critical sister Reagan were totally relatable, as he proved time and again to be a solid offseason acquisition. Amidst such a talent stacked roster of comedic all-stares, Jones seemed to have a solid grip on his role, delivering some memorable scenes that surely set him off on the right path to endearing himself to fans of the show. 

Jumping back and forth from scenes at the Ava Show to the Brinkley household last year seemed to cause a rift in the sitcom's flow despite the cast's hustle. Ava was as enjoyable as ever, though, tonight and I think we will come to enjoy her high energy pop-ins the same way Seinfeld fans did Kramer's entrances. 

The ability of the writers to blend comedy into scenes without sacrificing the tenderness of family life continued to be on display this week. Scenes like the one where Reagan realized she wanted to stay home with Amy, upsetting Ava and their make up session later on at the studio, culminating with the golf cart "getaway," were fantastic. 

I didn't think it was possible for Amy to get any cuter after last season, but I think I rewound her doing the Woo-Hoos three times. Her mom, meanwhile, had me rolling as she tried to cope with her wine in one hand and the vacuum in the other. Will Arnett and his voice were hypnotically hilarious as always. 

My love of this series was renewed in full tonight and I can't wait for more in upcoming weeks. 

As always be sure to rate your favorite Up All Night quotes and let us know what you thought of the season premiere. 


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Is the child on the show the child of luka jones? I think she looks exactly like him.


What happened? I think the writer of this review wrote the exact OPPOSITE of what actually happened. A new character was jammed in out of nowhere, the characters are acting completely different and it seems as if this show has all new writers (in a bad way). Everything that was good about this show was dismantled. I guess the writers of this show thought: if it ain't broke, BREAK IT.


Well, I have to agree with Donna.... Too much changes. AND the best character, "Missy," is NOT a part of the sitcom now.... She was sooo funny. Sorry but I didn't laugh but when the commercials came on. I will watch this week but if the writers don't do their job, I will do mine by changing the channel.... Sorry, Missy, but you were GREAT...!!!


They've changed far too much about this show, and a lot of it didn't make sense. Last season, Ava was a popular, successful show which was becoming a part of a successful media conglomerate and expanding into new markets. Now it's cancelled without notice? Makes no sense. Chris decides that being a trial lawyer will translate into running into a general contracting company without talking to his wife about it? Weird and out of character. Reagan has a brother we've never heard of? OK, cousin Oliver. Reagan, a driven, successful professional woman, really wants nothing more than to stay home with the baby (because really, isn't that what all womenfolk want)? I think I'll find something else to watch on Thursdays, thanks.

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What is to become of my Ava Show golf cart?


Okay Obviously the tension in this room is giving Amy baby tourettes.