Up All Night Season 2

"The Wedding"

The group remembers Reagan and Chris' disastrous wedding where Scott and Ava made some shocking revelations on this episode of Up All Night.

"First Snow"

On Up All Night, Reagan and Chris try to show Amy snow but nothing goes according to plan while Scott helps Ava shop for the holidays on a budget.

"I Can't Quit You"

Reagan starts a friendship with Scott's ex-wife but must keep it a secret while one of Ava's show auction items is cashed in on Up All Night.

"The Game of Life"

On Up All Night, the gang takes a trip to the mountains with their new neighbors and Reagan finds out Ava has new friends.


On Up All Night, Reagan tries to pull off the perfect holiday when Chris misses the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving.


Ava and Walter set up a haunted house for Halloween when they believe the neighborhood doesn't like them. A trip to the dentist office boosts Reagan's confidence on Up All Night.

"Another Saturday Night"

On Up All Night, it's date night and Reagan and Chris head out for a night of fun with Ava and Jerry. Per Chris' advice, Scott decides to begin dating again.

"Jerry Duty"

On Up All Night, Reagan plans a sleep over and Chris reconnects with his irritating college roommate.


On Up All Night, Chris and Reagan make it their goal to prove they have not become boring. Scott helps Ave get rid of her clutter.


Reagan learns the workings of the neighborhood as she becomes a stay at home mom and Chris and Scott launch their business on Up All Night.

"Friendships and Partnerships"

On the Up All Night season premiere, Ava and Reagan's friendship is tested when "The Ava Show" is tested. When Chris goes back to work, Reagan hires her brother to help with a bathroom remodel.

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