Weeds Series Finale Trailer: So Many Questions...

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We're just days away from the final grow.

On the heels of what many consider to have been a limp Season 8, Weeds will air its hour-long series finale on Sunday night.

As teased in the following Showtime promo for "It's Time," the episode will focus on a series of questions: Will Doug find religion? Will Shane become a real police officer? Will Nancy choose Andy? Will the Botwins receive a happy ending?

Expect to see a slew of familiar faces and prepare to say goodbye to this long-running series now:

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why in the hell did you end the show? every show I truly love it ends! tell me why?


what did Kevin Nealon say in closing shot to make them all laugh??

Matt richenthal

Guys, I've watched every Weeds episode ever. This was a simple typo that has since been corrected.
I do believe the show has gone way downhill and this season is all over the place, but I don't possess a lack of knowledge, of that I can assure you.


I think Nancy died at the end of the premier and she's been in some sort of purgatory.


as a weeds fanatic, I LOVE this season! It's by far my favorite since Agrestic (I mean majestic aka regrestic lol) burned to the ground. There are so many ties back to the first few seasons, its awesome. And yeah, write about another show b/c you obviously don't watch this one :-/ You Suck! P.S. Nancy and Andy's scene from last night BLEW MY MIND! It's was akward, but you couldn't turn away and the view, once again, feels bad for Nancy---the trouble-starter of it all.


Seriously PLEASE WRITE ABOUT ANOTHER SHOW!!!!!! It's will nancy choose ANDY not Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well hell, if Nancy chooses Doug I will eat my own hat.

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