White Collar Summer Finale Promo: Why Didn't You Tell Me?

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Prepare yourself, Neal Caffrey: Your life will be changed forever on Tuesday night.

So teases the ominous trailer for "Vested Interest," at least, next week's summer finale of White Collar.

According to the official USA Network synopsis, a thief will threaten to steal something especially valuable on the episode, which gives away very little. See if you can discern more from the official trailer and then get ready for months without any fedoras in your life.

White Collar Season 4 will return in late 2012 or early 2013.

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How about this: Neal's father is impersonating the real Sam. In the preview, we see Neal with his cellphone (talking to Peter probably) and asking Sam "why didn't you tell me". We can deduce it's someone close to him since Neal expects to be told... something...


Crossed my mind @michal


I think that Sam is actually someone who is impersonating the real Sam - anyone with me?


I am sure Sam is not Neal's dad.HE is someone else entirely.Jeff Eastin is too good to write this kind of cliche.


Me too - I was thinking that Sam is Neal's father as soon as I saw the previews after last Tuesday's episode!


totally agree!! first thing that came to mind


I agree!


IM TELLING YOU that's his dad!

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