Zach Roerig and Kat Graham Tease Season 4

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The conclusion of The Vampire Diaries Season 3 was dramatic for both Zach Roerig and his character of Matt Donovan.

As explained in the following interview, the actor spent two 12-hour days filming underwater, far from an easy endeavor, while poor Matt saw his world changed forever when his sister was turned into a member of the undead. All so he could live.

How will that affect him going forward? Will Matt's moral compass remain intact? Roerig takes us back and then look ahead in this video:

Kat Graham, meanwhile, has been headed down a dark path as Bonnie for years now.

Considering the way this character ended The Vampire Diaries Season 4 - by helping save Klaus - and the shots we see of her from "Growing Pains," it's fair to wonder which way this witch will turn in the coming months. Isn't that right, Kat?

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There's going to be major changes for some of the cast but I can't wait for season 4 to come. =)

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Kat's 'I'm getting a storyline this season! A real one!' smile at the end makes me feel really sorry for her. She's just so thrilled, it's kind of cute. And really sad, because there's no way it's gonna be good. We know next to nothing about TVD magic, there are just convenient spells, where did all this dark magic come from? Fanfiction is better than this! Dark!Willow was foreshadowed in season 2, and it was all great. This, however, is just being suddenly thrown at us out of nowhere, and it will be mediocre at its very best.


@iceprincess: precisely!
and since the article is about "the conclusion of The Vampire Diaries Season 3" and vicky died a while ago i figured that might be a mistake :)


But it's ou of context because vicky didn't die so matt could live that was elena


@emmsen they are not talking about elena being matt's sister, they are talking about vicky!


you might want to change that part about elena being matt's "sister"...

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