90210 Review: Picking Up The Pieces

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Last we left the crew in Beverly Hills, Naomi was crashing a wedding, Silver asked Teddy to be her baby daddy, Adrianna took off for a gig in Vegas and Dixon got into a potentially fatal car accident. Well, "Til Death Do Us Part" caught us up on all of that and more.

Let's start with the biggest cliffhanger of all: Dixon.

Gathering Around Dixon

As you can tell by the above photo, he did survive, but just by a hair. After a wild goose chase that sent Annie, Silver and the boys to the morgue, they finally found out that Dixon was the only survivor and in critical condition.

Considering the aforementioned photo was officially released by The CW before the premiere, was it necessary to include the whole morgue situation? C'mon, writers, you made Annie a hooker who almost got a priest to abandon his path, can you give her storyline a mild breather?! Shenae Grimes would appreciate it.

It's too bad Ade didn't find out sooner what had happened and instead hopped into bed with the first guy she saw. There was obviously no way she could've possibly known. She thought her boyfriend had just up and ditched her, so it's understandable what she did, but you know the guilt is going to haunt her; Especially now that her one night stand, the sexy Wes Brown, has made his way into town. He's also gotten himself into a potential business deal with Navid!

The rebuilding of Liam's bar, with Navid on board, will definitely be helpful in keeping their minds occupied now that Teddy has agreed to be Silver's baby daddy. I loved her line about Teddy not having to be just "sperm and Christmas cards." It was a heavy episode and Naomi can't carry all the humor by herself. For more quips from tonight, hit our 90210 quotes section.

Speaking of Naomi, she got her man, but it doesn't look like it's going to be wedded bliss with his business partner Alec in the picture. Alec seemed a little stalkerish to me. Did anyone else get that vibe? Obviously the guy just called off his wedding, maybe he's not gonna pick up the phone. He didn't have a warrant to search Naomi's house. Besides, Max hurt Naomi in the past as well. Breakups are rarely one-sided.

It was so nice to see Debbie since she's been a bit of an absentee parent lately. Let's see... am I forgetting any of the major players? Ivy is in Mexico and we won't be seeing Austin for a little while but I think that about catches us up! That psycho Vanessa is back and she's definitely going to blackmail Liam about burning his bar down for insurance money. it's funny how you can love a character on one show and hate them on another. I was a big fan of Arielle Kebbel as Lexi on The Vampire Diaries. On 90210? Not so much.

What did you all think of the 90210 premiere? Hit the comments! 


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i thought it was a bit crazy too much going on the episode felt a bit rushed


Max and Naomi are great together! I absolutely love them and think the writers should create some nice story lines for both of them but keep them together. Alex is a nice addition to the show, maybe a new love interest for Annie? Anyway, he will sooner or later see that deep down Naomi has a good heart! For Ade, well I hope she doesnt end up with Dixon, I am sorry but I am not a Dixon fan, dont like the character, I think that the new guy she hooked up with is way hotter and Ade deserves a new start, somebody that supports her. Silver and Teddy, great story line, looking forward to more. Liam and...? I dont like Vanessa but she sure is trouble although as previously mentioned, I like Arielle, she is a great actress and seeing her more often is great, lets see what happens... Looking forward to the new season!


Overall the episode was "ok" for me. Glad that Dixon is alive! I hope Adrianna stays by his side during his recovery, but I feel this new guy is gonna get in between Addixion. It was good seeing Debbie back! Enjoy her scenes with Annie. I'm sO over the love Triangle between Silver, Liam and Navid, sure hope the writer are pass that and move on. Yess. Naomi and Max got married but I have a feeling they're relationship wont last... But who knows?


Seriously? A "great" episode should at least be believable. A good premiere is basically ruined for me when they do something so impossible like saying Dixon is the soul survivor of a car accident with a SEMI that hit him more directly than anyone. And where did he fly out of the car? Right through the person in the driver's seat? They could have put him in a different seat if they insisted on keeping him alive, because there's no way he would be with what we saw. Here's to hoping there are no more outrageous storyline a like that.


Omg, Naomi and Max are SO CUTE! I was so afraid they would break them up. At least one show who knows a good relationship when it sees one (ahem, Dair in Gossip Girl was totally thrashed for some shitty dysfunctional couple). I love how those two make each other grow and they really give something to the other. It's adorable!


I actually thought that this was one of the best season premieres to date. I strongly believe that the writers did a good job in the season 5 premiere and that by marrying Naomi and Max was one of the best decisions. Regarldess of the status the actor might be on, Naomi and him are husband and wife and I can see the writers sticking this one out.

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I am holding out for a life with someone who cares about me, not some crazy lying bitch.


Max: Naomi Clark you promised me a wedding.
Naomi: Yes I did.
Max: Will you marry me?