90210 Season Premiere Pics: Don't Die, Dixon!

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We're less than a week away from the 90210 Season 5 premiere - and while fans are excited for the return of Naomi and... well, Naomi, the actual characters on this CW drama are far more concerned than elated.

That's because they may be saying goodbye to one of their own.

With Lori Loughlin returning as Debbie, the entire 90210 gang will gather around Dixon's hospital bedside in prayer on the opener. Its eerie title? "Til Death Do Us Part."

Do you think Dixon will make it? Click around now to check out photos from the premiere, including Adrianna in bed (with a man!) and Justin Deeley is one of his final scenes as Austin...

Gathering Around Dixon
90210 Season Premiere Photo
Gathering Around Dixon
In Bed with Adrianna
Adrianna on Season 5
Austin on Season 5

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I hope dixon don't die he is the best one in the show and all who say he should die yall can shut up yall low lifes


Leave Dixon.. I'm tired of seeing a bunch of rich snobby ass white hoe ass kids. I'm all for him and navid characters.. oh and liam :)


I wonder how do people measure "chemistry" between characters.. i don't think Liam has chemistry with any of the girls.. ;p Anyway, back to the above photo. After got hit by a GIANT TRUCK, Dixon doesn't look that badly injured.. oh well.. ;D


Couldn't care less about Dixon. Actually the only person I care about is Naomi and even her story line is getting boring. There is no chemistry between her and Max, like at all. Please please please 90210 bring back LIOMI!!!


Please don't kill Dixon love him


dont care about dixon, but i'm pretty sure they won't kill him..




Dixon should die. Bring on someone hotter please. 90210 is all about good-looking people. Max needs to go away too.


i'd prefer Austin to stay in the show than this dude..


Dixon is basically the only person (aside from Navid) with an ethnic background on the show. Without him, the show basically seems like a cast of spoilt white kids.
On another note; bring on season 5 already! I'm looking forward to Wes Brown's recurring role.

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90210 Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I am holding out for a life with someone who cares about me, not some crazy lying bitch.


Max: Naomi Clark you promised me a wedding.
Naomi: Yes I did.
Max: Will you marry me?