Justin Deeley to Depart 90210 on Season 5 Premiere

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The 90210 casting carousel continues to spin.

With Gillian Zinser confirmed to be off the series, and Trevor Donovan on his way back to town as Teddy, TV Line now reports that Justin Deeley won't be sticking around as hunky cowboy Austin.

The character will be written out on the 90210 Season 5 premiere.

Justin Deeley on 90210

Austin was mostly MIA on the series since he split with Naomi, and it's unlikely fans will miss him much when he leaves.

But he could return at some point. A 90210 rep tells TV Line the “door is still open for him to reappear in future episodes.”

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i hope this cow-dude will be gone from the show, F.O.R.E.V.E.R.


I hope they Promote Max, his character is great on this show. Never really cared for Austin, he was just there I guess.


I guess we had enough of him in season 4, with his dad n family issues, with his cousin Kelly pickler, with holly, bree, Dixon, naomi, navid, Annie. Just let him go, n focus on the main casts.


Bring back Ethan, Annie's parents, Naomi's parents all from season 1, the best season!


I never like Austin.


I actually really liked and how can u say he never had a story line after Naomi wen had wit annie and ade! I was hoping him and ade got together I thought made a cute couple! I don't like dixon and ade together! And I don't like max!!!!! But now that his gone hope they give ade a super hot boyfriend!


Naomi and Austin


@Sa'ad702: You can keep saying that The CW is trash, but it's not gonna bring back your show. Might as well face reality and deal with the fact that The Secret Circle isn't coming back. 90210 shall live on. End of story.


at this point i only watch 90210 for fashion, which is pretty uninspiring too, considering it looks like a Zara catalogue. but Naomi throws in some stuff now and then. what the hell happened to this show? it could have been so amazing!


Who the hell cares about this crap actor, crap character and crap show!!!! This is absolute BS!!!!!!!! The CW should have cancelled this blight and renewed the secret circle!!! This show totally sucks and is associated with one of the best and original teen dramas! Its trivialises everything that the original show did.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.