Bette Midler to Make Cameo on Glee?

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How do you overshadow the casting of an American Idol runner-up?

By hinting that a two-time Oscar nominee has agreed to come on board your show.

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Not long after Jessica Sanchez was confirmed as a Season 4 guest star, Ryan Murphy Tweeted that he "asked the incredible Bette Midler to be on Glee in front of 1,000 people" and she said "yes!"

The series creator added that he's "plotting" the cameo now and asked followers: "Who should she play?"

You heard him, TV Fanatics. Weigh in now!

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I do Not want anymore relatives of the characters. Rachel, especially. Her dads were special leave it there. Love Bette so excited for her to be on the show. I feel the NY storyline is blah and needs a special actress like Bette to bring it alive. I see Bette as an escentric neighbor of Rachel and Kurt, who interferes and gives unwanted advice. She once was a Broadway star who embellishes or exaggerates about things. NY needs more laughs and a real boost to give life. Kate Hudson's character could have been great but as written she is just a negativity to NY. Brody is boring. Now Rachel needs a real competitor to give her a real story not just a love interest,yuck. I hope Bette will be given a humorous role and to be given free rein to explore Bette's comic ability. Glee needs to be more humorous and much less drama. It is extremely boring to the point of soap opera.


I know she's not Barbara S., but I would give everything to see the look on Rachel and Kurt's faces when they meet Bette!!!

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