Boardwalk Empire Review: Who's The Boss?

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Boardwalk Empire served up one of its most delectable installments this week. While there was a little inconsistency at times with the show's main man Nucky, "Blue Bell Boy" delivered in so many other ways that in the end it didn't really matter.

Last week Nucky spoke of how he wanted his business to run itself, how he wanted to free from all the little mundane decision making and the stress it causes him. This week, however, he was back micromanaging more than ever.

Nucky's Stuck in AC

Owen's concern about involving the feds, crooked or not, was a valid point to make. Owen, you could see, has taken on more responsibility; he now has guys coming to speak to him in whispers. This was not lost on Nucky and why I'm sure he felt it so important to send Owen a message by shooting young Roland Smith.

I was surprised when that scene eventually went down the way it did. I have sort of thought Roland was going to be the new Jimmy and maybe even give Nucky a second chance to set things right in a way, but no sir. Proving he was one hundred percent in the game has taken its toll on him and he wasn't about to lose that street cred by letting some thief off the hook, no matter how charming or resourceful he proved to be. 

It is easy to get lulled into thinking these men are really good at heart. In a way, they can't afford to be, because that is when someone will come and take everything away. Lucky saw this first hand when he tried to appeal to Masseria, who had known him as a boy. It is all well and good for these young men to strike out on their own, but they need not forget from whose table they were fed on their rise to manhood. I very much enjoyed the exchange between Luciano and Lansky after they asked a disgruntled Benny to leave the room. The juxtaposition of personalities, where we saw Lucky telling Meyer to not be so hot headed for once, was great. 

Al Capone has been able to control his temper for the most part under Torrio's watch. Having heard about Sonny being bullied at school, when he saw what happened to Jake, Al couldn't keep that temper inside any longer. What an array of scenes we got this week from him. Some fans no doubt had to avert their eyes as he took out his anger over Sonny and Jake on Joe Miller, while others like myself were reaching for tissues during the two tender scenes he shared with his hearing impaired son. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we once again had Gyp, who kept delivering the funny again this week and had a number of memorable Boardwalk Empire quotes involving the diner's waitresses. His buddy that noted that they should do the shipment of booze at night was lucky to get out alive seeing how we know Gyp to have beaten man for far less of a shot to his fragile ego. 

Speaking of being unnecessarily offended, Margaret's conversation with the nun was very amusing and finally put a somewhat interesting spin on her storyline this season finally. 

It is hard to believe that an episode that did not feature Chalky or Richard could be so memorable, but tonight's certainly qualified. What did you all think? 


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This episode was ... DEEP. So many story lines came together at the end - Margarete's (self) justification for being with Nucky. The irony of Nucky and Eli's relationship; Eli frantically trying to stop the Tabor Heights ambush. It felt so genuine. The Chicago story line now seems much more relevant, especially Al Capone's - BTW is this guy truly human? The bar attack, sticking up for his associate and the interactions with his son were heartbreaking. True character development, very well done. I loved the actor's voice. :-)


Margaret's scene with the Nun made me think of how far women have come and the republicans current war on women.......yes, I went off track but that's what it made me think of..... I thought this episode BORING.......nothing that big happened other than Nucky killing Roland....and his brother reaching out at the end....... I still think Gyp will end up dead at some can he not? I think Nucky and Margaret just need to have it out already......enough of their dog and pony show.......

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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Nun: This is rather felicitous language isn't it?
Margaret: Vagina.
Doctor: It is a medical term.
Nun: I've never liked the sound of it.
Doctor: I've never liked Brussel sprouts, but I don't deny they exist.

Let's get something straight. Allowing you to go to jail is the last gift I'll ever give you.