Boardwalk Empire Review: With All Due Respect

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At the close of last season, Nucky put a bullet in Jimmy to show he wasn't some half way gangster without any blood on his hands. 

On "Bone for Tuna" Nucky had himself an "out damn spot" moment as his dreams were haunted by the memory of the boy who once loved him like a father. The usually unflappable Nucky wore his inner anguish on his face throughout the episode as his inability to put Jimmy's death behind him may prove to be his undoing.

With pillow talk a thing of the past as far as Margaret is concerned, Nucky tried to raise Billie on the phone on several occasions. His uneasiness grew with each unanswered ring, as he struggled to reach out and touch someone... anyone. Nucky confessed to wanting to be removed from his business, that it would just run itself. All the man really wants is to not be alone. Billie most certainly has other men occupying her time and Margaret is becoming more and more cunning the less she is able to care about Nucky. 
Margaret in Church
One of the biggest stresses about Nucky's job has got to be constantly dealing with head cases like Gyp Rosetti. There just is no pleasing men like him who, as Nucky put it, "can find an insult in a bouquet of roses."

Nucky, for the most part, feels pretty safe on his home turf of Atlantic City, but what will happen if a man like Gyp can recruit the likes of Gillian to join his efforts to take down the coastal king? Gyp, of course, had no idea why Nucky snubbed Gillian like he did, but he quickly added it to his list of things he took personally. If he can get her and Eli on his side Nucky could be in for a rough ride.  
I'm not too worried. Nucky is the kind of man to always and ace in the hole and based on what we saw this week, that ace may very well turn out to be Richard. Few characters can deliver such hard hitting scenes with such limited dialogue like our resident masked man can. 
Life certainly is better with friends and Van Alden seemed to be reaping the benefits of such at home. Yes, his job is less than ideal, but at least he has traded in the self mutilation for a loving woman. 
While I was disappointed not to get a second helping of Chalky this week, I did like seeing the Lucky/Lansky storyline advance. How about Meyer showing he is as good a shot as he is smart? He certainly was smart to decide to cut Masseria in on the heroin business but unfortunately never got a chance to do so. We did get a glimpse of that famous Bugsy Siegel temper though.  
So two wars seemed to be brewing by the end of this week, the inner city squabble over street corners and the intracity beef Gyp now has with Nucky. Can Nucky entice the young entrepreneurs from Manhattan to join him in taking down some higher-ups? Where will Rothstein stand when lines are drawn? Let us know what you think and be sure to check out the best Boardwalk Empire quotes from this week.  


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just saw the latest episode with margaret and the ever sooooooo gorgeous charlie happy to see them together..i find the show to be just as exciting as the other...especially when jimmy's mother is looking for a replacement for her favorite character that i was sad to see go
Jimmy....can't wait for netx week.....


First two years were excellent, well planned, and excellent writing. This year Boardwalk is weak. I believe that we are seeing a repeat of Deadwood that faltered with poor writing. The future is not bright unless better writing and planning evolves.


@chris o'hara Indeed she is..............but it will be interesting to see just how low she will stoop to get what she wants....she's already stooped pretty low(sleeping with that guy) Will she go any lower????


I kept expecting Nucky to find a way to kill Gyp. His capitulation to him with the new deal must have stuck in his craw, plus he can't predict his rages. It's logical for him to go. I wondered if Gyp's drink was poisoned (it wasn't), and then when Gyp was on the road, I wondered if Nucky had planned an ambush, especially after Gyp had the "good luck" note read to him. I keep wondering if any episode won't feature someone bring killed. As each episode progresses, and everyone's still breathing, a new tension bubbles up: who's going to buy it now? Gruesome ending this time, wasn't it? Clearly Gyp has to go.

C f ohara

@Terrie while I didn't specifically mention the scene with the doctor and bishop, my line stating how Margaret is becoming more and more cunning was in reference to that. (Sorry to not make that clearer.) She most certainly has learned how to play the game since living under Nucky's roof don't you agree? She did more than stand her ground though, she went out and took what she wanted. She is through depending on Nucky to get what she wants, but is also using his clout to her advantage. I feel like she knows their time together may be running short so she is squeezing all the juice she can out of him while she can.


The reviewer didn't touch on Margaret's actions this week. I like what she did to that Dr. She stood her ground and I loved it. It does seem Nucky and Margaret are only together "for show". I don't believe Nucky and Billy will last. She will probably end up dead. Gyp is a psychopath destined to die and I feel he will by season's end. I wonder if Nucky will ever come to grips for killing Jimmy......


Nucky is obviously obsessed with the bed-hopping Miss Billie Kent. That is bound to lead to people being killed - either one or more of Billie's many other lovers, Billie herself - or both. Nucky doesn't like to share.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Obviously I offended you in some way but since you're a man who can find an insult in a bouquet of roses, I'm not sure quite how.


Margaret: You said appearances matter.
Nucky: Do you write down everything I say?