Castle Clips: Collecting Evidence, Dolls

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As teased in this Castle trailer, Monday's episode of this ABC hit will focus on a mysterious death and a storage unit auction.

But that's not all.

Castle will also learn that mothers really do know everything, and that he may need to have a chat with his daughter before she goes off to college. See what we mean here:

Elsewhere, Castle will answer Beckett's phone and go through her stuff. No, not that stuff. He's already seen that stuff, as he jokes about in the following sneak peek:

Speaking of stuff.... you won't believe how Rick gets on the good side of Captain Gates. Turns out, she's a collector. Of what? Find out now:

Does this gesture kick start a new, unexpected friendship? It sure seems that way based on the final clip from Monday's "Secret's Safe with Me."

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Okay, the Gates clips are HILARIOUS! Bet he messes it up by the end of the episode...


Loved the clips but who are you and what did you do to our captain gates. cuz i kinda like you better :)


I just hope Castle does tell Alexis and she is ok with it. And I look forward to Castle letting Beckett know his family knows. And I can honestly say for the 1st time....I like Gates.


THIS SEASON IS AWESOME! In saying that I'm not saying the other seasons have not been. It's just that each season seems to top the one before it. Also, what's happening this season has been so well set up through the previous four. It wouldn't be as awesome if it hadn't be so well crafted a story over the seasons. Like, Martha: Funny scene, but not surprising, because, well, it's MARTHA. LOL! Love is grand, but watching Castle dig himself in deeper with that phone issue, obviously Castle is..still Castle. :D FYI: this does not mean I hate the dramatic episodes. I LOVED the premiere and look forward to more of that storyline - when the time comes for it. It's the MIX of stories and style that helps to make the show so amazing. The serious stuff builds richer characters, adds higher stakes...and helps the fun & lighter stuff shine even brighter. This looks like another good mix of laughs and poignancy - is it Monday yet?!

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