Castle Episode Trailer: Playing It Safe

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It was "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder" on this week's episode of Castle.

What will the forecast be next Monday night? Look for Beckett and Castle to delve into the mysterious murder of a woman by entering a a repossessed storage unit auction. Might it be connected to her death? Something worth killing for?

Watch the official ABC teaser now for "Secret's Safe with Me," if only for the following exchange between Castle and Beckett:

Beckett: Get out of my stuff.
Castle: I've already seen... your stuff.

Seriously, how much do these two rule?!?

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just saw the 3rd episode and it was terrific. The writing is again superb and the scene with the first Castle and Beckett handshake was so sexy and a bit these two are terrific together.


I just re-watched this episode and absolutely loved it even more than I did the first time - this cast is fantastic and I love how Beckett and Castle are handling their relationship.


Just wanted to add.....Gates was amazing in the sneak peeks. Love her going all fangirl on Castle! Finally they show she has a heart and love it shows for Castle. She can still be Iron Gates...but let her have a soft spot for Castle!


just saw the sneak peeks too.. and Martha is so amazing!!! she knew all the time!!! but still making pocker face and say nothing.. she is a genius!! love her!!


Just saw all the sneak peeks for this episode. All I can say is the show gets better and better every episode!

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