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Busted!! A weekend away for our favorite couple led to a murder and a secret leaking. "Murder, He Wrote” took Castle and Beckett to the Hamptons to find a dead body and to be outed as a couple. Time to talk Castle...

Breaking Rich. A wealthy weekender is found dead in Castle’s pool after being shot. Having been involved in a bank scandal, clues point to a former colleague that the victim had testified against. In a twist, the victim and his colleague had been setting up meth labs in different buildings around the city. 

Caskett Sighting

This show is usually on point with the twists and turns it throws out during the weekly case. This murder? Not so much. Having the head of the marina be the killer made sense, but in the last 30 seconds, it turned out to be a local deputy who didn’t like the wealthy weekenders. This ending didn’t make complete sense for the fact that the killer was someone we had seen on screen for maybe all of two minutes.

On the other hand, the case was fun and it got Castle and Beckett some what out as a couple...

Describe Her! Ryan helped out with the case by interviewing suspects back in the city. Luckily, one of them had had already spoken with Castle and Beckett. 

How much did you love Ryan’s reaction to the news that it was Kate out there with Castle? The actors on this show are impeccable with their facial reactions. 

So the secret is slowly coming out. Martha, Alexis and Ryan now know about the couple. Who is next? 

“We Are Caskett.” Not only was this quote so hilarious, especially since it came after a Brangelina jab, but it recognized all of the shippers out there. Since Season One, Caskett has been a couple us at TV Fanatic have rooted for, and now they are an official couple with an official name. LOVE IT! For more awesome quotes, check out the Castle quotes page

After Thoughts:

  • Quick sightings of Lanie, Martha, and Alexis. Looks like the ladies are working their way back on our screens!
  • How ridiculous was Castle’s beach house? Kate Beckett is one lucky woman.
  • Ryan is such a good friend that he is going to keep the secret of Castle and Beckett to himself. 
  • A fear of getting this couple together now would be that the stories would suffer. Have to say, these two work as a couple so well, it doesn’t seem awkward at all.
What a fun episode! The series continues with its light hearted and enjoyable episodes. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit up the comments and let us know what you thought of Caskett’s weekend adventure. And don’t forget to check back for the official Castle Round Table later in the week. No new episode next Monday! Until then, Castle fans!


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If they are going to sell Castle coffee in stores soon, I wanna know what kind of wine they drink too. Some house and view to kill for. How many women have been here, past is past Kate. You are the one now! Ryan keeping a secret? But this show with the Hampton's detectives was something. They don't have a budget for that. Wow. Kate looked great. And again they don't have to be in bed to be together. It will all come around sooner or later. When you know a secret sometimes you don't have to say anything to reveal it. Will see.


I felt last week's episode was the best in a long time. And then this week's episode came along. I must agree with other posters about Ryan's interrogation being the highlight. One of the funniest moments in Castle history. Very well-written, acted, and edited. The shots back-and-forth between Ryan and the suspect were cut to perfection. This season has been knocking it out of the park every week.


I am enjoying the episodes of Castle immensely, and even though I was never a shipper of the romance arc, it is nicely done (not like on Bones, which I can't seem to get my head around). However, I notice that most of the comments here are about the relationship between Castle and Beckett, and not much about the murder case. In fact, most people say "meh" when it came to "Murder He Wrote", but they went on and on about "Caskett". That's my problem right there. No matter what relationship occurs, whether it's Castle and Beckett or Lanie and Javi, the show is a detective show and the murder and solving the crime should be front and foremost. Some of the shippers have been hard on those who aren't shippers, and that's not fair, because it's a detective show and not a love drama. I think some people forget that, even the TV Fanatic writer.


Absolutely loved this episode and the sexual tension and frustration that the murder caused between Kate and Castle. His expressions when he could not get what he wanted were so to the point. I also loved the way Kate's colleagues wanted so badly to find out who her boyfriend was. Smart as they are had to give up even when the obvious is right under their noses. Cannot wait for the next episode.


I loved this episode, so AMAZING! When I think this show can´t get any better, I´m proven wrong; this season has been amazing since it started. It´s hard to pick a moment, there were so many great ones: "none of them were you", Ryan and Espo tracking Beckett´s ex´s, all the hot C & B moment´s, the Caskett thing...but Ryan finding out, LOL; I was watching online at (european) and laughed so much I was affraid I would wake up my neighbours:) I´ve never seen Ryan so hard on a suspect!!!
All in all, amazing episode, amazing show!!


Love this show. It's the only show that I would watch with my 15-yr old daughter without getting slightly embarassed - because all the scenes with any couple are so tastefully done - unlike most of the other primetime shows. And the humor is great - I am always laughing out loud as if the show was actually a comedy. As for Nathan Fillion's weight - I have no idea why people find this to be an issue - quite frankly he looks more handsome now than in past seasons. I think they complement each other perfectly.


I give it


Too many cliches and the case was poorly written and contrived. I did think the sheriff did it mid-episode. I liked the Caskett line and Ryan keeping the secret.


Some cottage!!
I was on the floor laughing at Ryan's expression after the man says Kate's name. Detective, huh?


I loved this episode, and I agree that there is no Moonlighting curse at all on Castle...Caskett are perfectly marvelous together and very real as a couple.
The quotes were hilarious, and I was also so glad that Ryan kept their secret. And also glad to see Lani being fierce and giving Javi the stink-eye!

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Beckett: So, you rich or something?
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